Maa Chhinnamasta


“Guptadurge, Mahabhage, Guptpaap, Praorashini, Saptjanamaarjitat Papaat Trahi Maam Sarana gatam” Maa chinnamasta is the fifth of the Dus Mahavidya. She carries her own head in her left hand and holds a khatri in her right hand by which she decapitates herself. Three streams of blood flow from her neck, one of which enters her own mouth. Her female companions called Dakini and Vanini drink the other blood streams. Both the attendants are depicted nude. While Dakini is light skinned and represent the tamas guna; Varnini is red complex and embodies the raja guna.
Chinnamasta is often shown standing on Kamdeva, the god of love and his wife Rati who is engrossed in sambhog (usually Rati is on top of Kamdev). This particular Mahavidya is associated with self sacrifices as well as the awakening of Kundalini.
Chinnamasta is the mixture of contradictions. She is regarded both as a symbol of self-control on sex desires as well as the embodiment of sexual energy depending upon the interpretation of the devotees. Her individual worship is restricted to tantric and yogis.

Maa Chinnamasta the “Kundalni Shakti”
Maa Chinnmasta helps in awakening the kundlani shakti, the main spiritual energy in each human body. It is assured that the Kundalni Shakti moves upward very forcefully through sushumna nadi from muladhar chakra to sahastrar chakra in top of the head with such a force that it blows her head out. The blood coming out from the throat applies the upward flowing kundlani breaking all granthis i.e. Brahmgranthi, Vishnugranthi, Rudragranthi which makes a person sad, ignorant and weak. The severed head is “consciousness”. The three blood streams is the flow of nectar when kunlani unites with Shiva in Sahastrar Chakra, which is yogi called Maithun Kriya. Those who do the chakra dhyan sadhna can understand better.
There are several places in India where it is said that sati’s head fell over there, that is why she is worshipped as Chinnamasta.
1. Chintpurni temple in Himachal Pradesh
2. Temple at Bishnupur, West Bengal
3. Ramnagar near Varanasi
4. The most powerful Chinnamasta temple is in Jharkhand, in Rajrappa where devotees are not allowed after 5.30 pm in the evening because of super natural powers roaming around temple complex after evening.
5. There is also one in Kamakhya temple complex in Assam, where, on each Wednesday, there is a long que for people for worshipping and giving sacrifices of goats.
For getting rid of “RAHU” grah(planet)’s bad effects, the puja of Chinnamasta is must. Some knowledgable pandits also recommend deity puja for KETU shanti.

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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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6 Responses to Maa Chhinnamasta

  1. Ramesh Kumar says:

    HEY FOLKS, do let me know whether the puja at Rajrappa for Chinnamahasta Devi invoves maithuna, sex, meat, liquour etc, as these are all vaamacharic practices. I would be interested in Satvic Practices to appease the spirit of goddess Chinnamahasta Devi.

    What is the type of pooja done in Rajrappa Temple at Chinnamahasta Devi temple?
    vamachara or saathvik ?
    let me know
    Ramesh Kumar, Bangalore

  2. lalbaba111 says:


    • Ramesh Kumar says:

      Dear Lal B abaji, today, I have found you very interesting. Need to see and meet you personally. Do Accept My Pranaams ! Ramesh Kumar, Bangalore

      • Ramesh Kumar says:

        Respected Lalbaba Ji !!!
        Pranams to you, last night, it occured to me in my mind before I cud go to sleep to write to a mail, and seek a solution to my impending problems that I have been facing in my life ever since the last 25 years, but not my life has gone to a worst level, to the low ebb.

        I hope, that you will provide me some knowledge and information to my sufferings that I have been undergoing, Every body says that I am very resourceful and well off in life, my face and talk sounds very good and resourceful to everybody. But the problem I have been facing, have not beenable to tell any body, nor anyone can clearly understand me. I have been always cheated !

        Let me narrate you my story. My name is RAMESH KUMAR, from Bangalore City, born on 06.10.60 at 8.15 am, in Bangalore, frequent negative charges of Black magic, son, has run away from me, I don’t have a house, I struggle hard, but only to get a few peanuts of money, not sufficient to live and survive.

        I do pooja and prayer to Devi, but to no avail, none of my prayers are ever answered, due to this, is the negative charge sent on me and my children, with slaughters and blood spill. The object is to make me come on the street and make me a pauper and take my life out !!!

        May I pray to you to help me know the exact cause and the reason to root out the evil and the person sending on me.

        I look forward to hear from you, as I have faith in you.

        ramesh kumar, on 99 45 396 856

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