mohamad Gazni a hindu?

There was a Brahmin named Rama Sarma, on the banks of the Gauthami  River and he was ill treated and prevented from learning.
He went to Varanasi temple and saw a notification stating ,
Those who take the Ganges water , perform Abhisheka to Lord Ramanatha,Rameswaram, bring Water from The Ocean at Rameswaram  and perform Abhisheka for me, will get the beneficial results (Punya) of having gone aro…und the Earth once.To those who who do this thrice,I shall appear before them and grant them the required Boons-Kasi Viswanatha”
Rama Sarma performed this twice.
When he he came to Varanasi to perform the Abhisheka for the third time , the water spilled and he could not complete the vow.
Angered by this,when he intended to break the Murthy and end his Life, a Divine Voice told him ,
‘Do not break my head.
I am happy that you completed the rite twice.
I shall make you an Emperor in the next Birth”
For a Brahmin , the performance of Upanayana  amounts to second birth9please red my post on Upanayana).
Also when one becomes a Sanyasi, he is said to be reborn.
So Rama Sarma met a Rishi, Apara Shankara( Meaning Shankara, Lord Shiva, of the Temporal world) and had himself initiated in Adhura Sanyasa( A Sanyasa  begotten  in times of Emergency, like death).
He went to Varanasi temple and asked lord Viswanatha to grant him the Boon as he had attained rebirth as ordained by the Sastras.
The Lord replied,
‘ You are trying to force me into granting the Boon.
You throw away the Sanyasa Vastras,Danda , the Kamandalu, walk in the opposite direction of the River Current.
You will find a Vada Vruksha.
Sit there and meditate.
You will become an Emperor.”
At that time a Muhammedan Emperor died and an elephant was given a garland to choose the Future Emperor.
The elephant garlanded Rama Sarma and he became an Emperor.
He was converted to Islam, rechristened as Ghazini Muhammad.
While he was enjoying the pleasures of an Emperor,one day he was consumed by self pity when he thought of his earlier life as Brahmin and his present state as the destroyer of the Vedic religion.
He concluded that Lord Viswanatha was the cause of all this and ordered the  demolition of all Temples including the one at Somanath.
He had his soldiers appropriate the Idol of Lord Balaji, Tirupati.
Ghazini Muhammad had a daughter.
His servants informed him that a youth was meeting his daughter at nights in her room every day.
When Ghazini checked, he found a youth talking with his daughter.
Ghazini attempted to behead the Youth and Lord Venkateswara,Balaji appeared before him and said,
“You got your Boons forcibly.
You have started destroying the Sanatana Dharma.forgetting that all religions are One and people worship differently
You are harassing my Archakas.
Unless you restore the temples to their earlier status and support the Archakas, all your wealth shall disappear”
Remorseful, Ghazini restored the Vigraha of Lord Balaji, gave away lands, Jewels to Tirupati Temple.
As an atonement, he sent in his daughter as Lord Balaji’s servant with Him .
On seeing her accompanying Lord Balaji Goddess Mahalaksmi was annoyed and stayed away form being near Lord Balaji and hence  Lakshmi is at Tiruchanur as Alamel Mangai and not at Tirupati.
Some points are interesting.
One is that Ghazini took away the idol of Lord Balaji.
There are records to show that Ghazini or some Mohammedan Emperor gifted lands to Tirupati Lord and Lord Ranganatha, Sri Rangam.
One would find that Lord Venkateswara identifies Himself  with Lord Viswanatha, Benares.
Alame lMangai temple is in Tiruchanur and Lakshmi is not with Lord Vishnu, a rarity.
Rama Sarma was described  as a ‘ yavana’, after being converted into Islam, thereby implying that Islam was from Rome,9yavana stands for Greece, Rome,Tamil Literature abounds in reference to Greece)

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