This was my first road journey to any hill station ,with my own car.we have started from delhi at 8am in morning & reached the HARIDWAR at 2pm,that was our first journey break because we take this opportunity to have GANGA ARTI darshan in the we went to a dharamshala on bhuptwala road,named TAYAL DHARAMSHALA a small but well maintained,rooms with park full of diff erent variety of flowers.After taking lunch ,we have taken rest,in Evening we went to HAR KI PAURI GHAT FOR AARTI.we have taken the two pattal of flowers,with diya & agarbati.every body was enlighting the diya,gently pushing the pattal with diya & flowers in water,it was a fabulous view looking at hundreads of floating diya on water.Then started the main aarti with sound of sevaral ghantas,counches,big fires all the corners of ghat the experience was beyond imagination.After aarti we went to local market purchased some RUDRAKHS malas,some puja utencils of brass.Next morning after taking bath in GANGA,we proceed towards RIHIKESH,DEVPRAYAG,which is 70km from haridwar,in the hills the average distance we can cover is 25km/hr so we reached the Devpryag by 1pm.Devprayag is the sangam sathli of two rivers called BHAGIRATHI,ALAKHNANDA,you can see the different three colours,third colour is named GANGA,It means ganga started from DEVPRAYAG,This way after taking rest at importent places we reached pauri in the evening at 6.30pm we decided to take night rest at PAURI GARHWAL GOVT,GUEST HOUSE, The total height of pauri is 6300 feet above sea level,it was very much cold there.


The village of swami jee at Safderkhal was just 25km,from pauri,so in the morning after taking bath & breakfast,whe have taken some fruits,sweets,green vegitables etc.for swami jee’s house.At 11am we reached the safderkhal,asked about swami jees house,the shopkeeper on the Road told that,”you have to park your vehicle in front of my shop,you have to walk 2km in hills to reach there.”so as per his instructions we walk towards swami jees village,our bags were taken by driver.Iwas not use to walk in hills so after every half km i use to take rest,then proceed at last we reached at swami jees house,two old men & a old lady came out,we exchange namastey,i was looking for some priest like man as swami jee,but to my utter surprise,when i saw my freind Subhas Thanik,touching the feet of one simple man wearing,pyjama kurta withgandhi cap,my freind told me take the blessingsofswami jee,i wasstill in disbelive,ihave taken the blessings,kept our bags in one room,taken tea with swami jee.started our conversation,swami jee was very impressed with me,as he came to know that i was searching him since last 18 months,without any address & clue.

In the night he has told us about the powerful assan of his guru,which was 350 years old,of 10 feet long white tiger skin,inside the cover of yellow cloth .He told us that nobody could sit on the Assan for sadhna,only he has the permission of his guru,lot of people has tried to sit on it but got sick within one hour.My guru has also given me a small snake of silver,which i use to keep in puja ghar,as basicaly i am a NAGRAJ UPASAK,who’s main temple is in uttarakhand,called DANDA NAGRAJ ,the temple you can see from my puja ghar in morning. whle going for sleep he warned us that if you listen any knock at the door don’t open the door because the lion use to rom around in the night,if want to go for loo in night please give me call ,i will take you out,we have touched his feet,saying subhratri,while giving his blessings,with smile he told me “in the morning i will give you a surprise gift.”








About lalbaba111

i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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