Siddhaasram at KailashMansrover.

Siddhashram is a boon, bestowed upon mankind, from our ancestors, saints, sages & Yogis of high order. 
This is synonymous to a paradise on the earth and finds its mention in “Rigveda”, the oldest scripture of 
human civilization. A saint, revealing his expressions in Rigvedic hymns says, “Sometime or the other, 
when the most auspicious moment of my life arrives, I will certainly be able to enter Siddhashram and to 
perform the Sadhna practices of high order by sitting on its sacred ground”. Not only in Rigveda but also in 
Samveda, Maharishi Yogandharwa, while expliciting his sentiments says, “Where the soil is worth 
applying on the forehead just like sandal wood paste, where each and every particle is replete with 
penance and the wind is pious and melodious, the same abode of the blessed is the final destination of 
a human being where just by sitting, the real bliss of the life can be attained”.
Siddhashram has been described in hundreds of ancient scriptures. Maharishi Vashistha called it the fortune 
of man whereas Vishwamitra termed it as the real beauty of life. According to Maharishi Chyavan, there is 
a natural characteristic in the soil of Siddhashram to eliminate spontaneously the ailments of the 
body. Maharishi Pulastya says it is the dream of life and Kanad praising it says,”Only one or two among a 
thousand saints are fortunate enough to get the privilege of entering into Siddhashram”. Bhishma, lying on 
the bed of arrows expressed his last wish before Lord Krishna that he wanted to go to Siddhashram with his 
mortal body. Yudhistir also, after the end of Mahabharat war, requested, Lord Krishna with joined palms, “If 
some of the virtues of my life are left and if you bestow your grace upon me, I wish to spend some part of 
my life in Siddhashram”. Gorakhnath, addressing his disciples said, “The ultimate of Tantra and Sadhnas is 
the entrance into Siddhashram”. At one place, Bhagvatpad Shankaracharya has said, “The fulfillment of 
human life can only be attained when one goes to Siddhashram and takes a holy dip in Siddhyoga lake”.
Indeed this Siddhashram has been a dream for thousands of Yogis and aspirants. Their last wish has been to 
spend some moments in Siddhashram where each and every particle is pious due to the penance done by 
high ordered Yogis, where the sacred, pure and divine “Siddhayoga lake” shimmers continuously. It has 
unique therapeutic properties and therefore a mere dip in it, not only cures all ailments but also confers 
divinity upon that person by thoroughly cleansing the mind of impure, negative thoughts and consequently 
the person attains a higher elevation. The weather in this Ashram remains exhilaratingly pleasant throughout 
the year and this divine Ashram is free from the cycles of age, time and death. No ailment of any kind can 
prevail here and every moment of it is full of joy, delight, beauty and bliss.
The management of this Siddhashram is under the guidance of the universally venerated Yogiraj Swami 
Satchidanandji, who even after having attained the age of several thousand years is still full of eternal Youth 
and whose eyes are oceans of mercy. The divine rays of penance, emanating from his body intermingle with 
the atmosphere of Siddhashram and the mere sight of his divine body is keenly wished even by the Gods, to 
make their lives supremely blessed. Inspite of having the age of several thousand years only three disciples 
have received Dikshas from him.
In this Ashram, the Yogis, ascetics and aspirants aged thousands of years are engaged in penance. Even 
today the great seers like Maharishi Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, Kanad, Pulastya, Atri, Bheesma, 
Kripacharya, Gorakhnath and Shankaracharya can be seen wondering there in physical form and 
also one can have the privilege of listening to their sermons. The mere touch of their divine hands 
initiates the flow of a divine current into the body and due to this Shaktipaat (energizing process) the entire 
body of the aspirant turns sacred and full of radiance.
All the time heavenly maidens wander here and the nymphs of heaven like Rambha, Menaka and Urvashi 
consider themselves fortunate on performing their dance at this place, where each moment is full of ecstasy, 
bliss, joy and enthusiasm.
It is not possible to get an aerial view of this Ashram from an aeroplane. This Ashram occupying an area of 
several hundred kilometres is situated in the north-east of Mansarowar and is an abode of unique Yogis. At 
some places, Yogis are engaged in penance and at other places, Yogis are teaching the intricacies and 
minute points of Sadhna to their disciples. Some Yogis are seen entranced and also some some celibates are 
performing Yagya. Somewhere else, the recitation of Vedas by learned Maharishis is going on and the 
sermons of Brahmarishis is enjoyed by thousands of Yogis. The heavenly maidens fully ornamented are 
seen wandering and at some places, various young and beautiful heavenly dancers are presenting their 
outstanding dances and Yogis are seen doing Sandhya Vandana in Siddhyoga Lake at some distance from 
them. Pretty maidens are seen bathing and throwing water on each other and frolicking in the pure and 
sparkling water of the lake. Aspirants are seen enjoying boating in the boats of rock crystal. Few maidens 
are engrossed in conversation and the entire atmosphere is enveloped by enthusiasm, joy, bliss and delight. 
There is no pain and suffering of any kind and each aspirant’s face is devoid of any expression of tension. 
No one has any sorrow and this way, there is eternal ecstasy, bliss and joy all around in this Ashram.
The weather remains exhilaratingly pleasant in Siddhashram as it is free from the cycles of the seasons. The 
rain comes with pleasant drizzling. Roses of hundred varieties and also other flowers of different kinds keep 
blooming here all around the year. Due to a protective shield set up by the powers of penance, there is no 
entrance of death, consequently no flower gets withered or plucked from its stalk. The green velvety grass 
covering the ground of Siddhashram appears like a green carpet. There are thousands of varieties of fruit 
bearing trees and it is hard to believe that there can be so many innumerable fruits. Chirping sound of the 
birds creates a lovely atmosphere in itself.
At some distance from the hermitage of Paramhans Swami Satchidanandji, the world famous ‘Kalp Vriksha’ 
stands bloomed to its full maturity, sitting beneath which, fulfils immediately every wish and any 
materialistic article can be obtained within the blinking of an eye. Several straw huts constructed near by this 
hermitage gives an idea of the appearance of hermitages of our ancient sages. In these straw huts, the Yogis 
of high order sit in the state of Samadhi or remain fully absorbed in their Sadhna practices. Since three or 
four hundred years some Yogis are entranced and are lost in inexhaustible bliss. The beating hearts of such 
Yogis is the only evidence of their being alive. Even the sight of these Yogis is inaccessible and it is quite 
enthrilling to have a glimpse of their radiant faces and bodies which are full of serenity.
There are no prohibitions or restrictions in this Ashram. Each aspirant is free and at liberty. Nevertheless 
every one seems to be bound by some unknown law, therefore, each one keeping within his limits is 
engrossed in his duties. There is no malice, illwill, jealousy or hypocrisy. All are lost in themselves and are 
busy in meditating to reach the heights of Sadhna. Inspite of being at liberty all are under the control of 
some unsaid law and regulation.






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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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