lalbaba’s visit to Rajrajeswari temple in Banglore.

lalbaba’s visit to Rajrajeswari temple in Banglore.

Dear friends this was my second visit to Rajrajeswari temple at rajrajeswari nagar in Banglore,which is 20km from my hotel Kanishka where our Sri Vidya shivir held from time to time.Since i am srividya sadhak & Maa Rajrajeswari is the main deity of srividya it is necessary to take her blessings.i am also sharing my video which i have made from my camera.

His Holiness Sri Tiruchi Swamigal (also known as Shiv aratnapuri Swamiji) established Kailas Ashram at Kenchanalli, a remote village near River Vrushabhavathi. The Seer chosen this place to built his ashram because it was believed that Sage Athreya and his wife Anusuya lived at this place. Later, Tiruchi Swamigal constructed a beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Raja Rajeshwari. Today, the remote village Kenchanalli has been tuned out as one of the posh localities of Bangalore, RajaRajeshwari Nagar.

The temple of Raja Rajeshwari has been constructed in Dravidian style of architecture and built as per the guidelines of Agama Shastra. The temple has huge Raja Gopura (entrance tower) in the entrance which can be observed from the far distance. Raja Rajeshwari Temple is complete with an prominent sanctum (Garbha Griha), a porch (antarala), an open pillared hall (Mukha Mantapa), a wide circumambulatory path (Pradikshina patha) and an inner courtyard.

The temple of Raja Rajeshwari is finely carved pillars (Sthambha) and beautifully dressed walls (Bhitti).

The main attraction of this temple is the six feet attracting stone idol of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari found in the sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Griha). The Goddess is also worshipped as Gnanakshi. The Goddess Raja Rajeshwari is seated on a throne with her right leg folded and placed across the seat, and her left leg is bent at the knee and stretched below to rest on a lotus in full bloom.

The worship is conducted in the Shaivagama tradition, elaborately and meticulously, by competent and well trained priests.

People visit Raja Rajeshwari Temple in Bangalore from different places of the city and it has turned out as an important travel destination in Bangalore. The temple gets crowded more on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. You can see the long queues for darshan at the temple.
Annual Brahmarathotsava and the Navarathri festival are held here, the devotees offer special Pujas, Homa, Rathotsavas. my video link.


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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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