KAPALABHATI – Cleansing Breathing Exercise

* Kapalabhati cleanses the nasal passages, bronchial tubes, lungs and entire respiratory system.
* It strengthens and increase the capacity of the lungs and intercoastal (ribcage) muscles.
* Kapalabhati helps to drain the sinuses and eliminate accumulated excess mucus.
* Bronchial congestion is removed, as is spasm of the bronchial tubes. consequently, asthma is relieved and cured over a period of time.
* As the lungs are cleansed, excess carbon dioxide is eliminated. This permits the red-blood cells to suck in more oxygen, increasing the richness of the blood.
* The blood is purified and toned; the body gets an increased supply of oxygen to all cells.
* The abdominal contractions of kapalabhati massage the liver, spleen pancreas, stomach and heart, thus invigorating them.
* Abdominal muscles are strengthened; digestion is improved.
* the regular practitioner of kapalabhati enjoys blooming vigour and improved health.

* Kapalabhati refreshes and invigorates the mind.
* It brings an increase in alertness as a result of the increase of oxygen to the brain.
* It creates a feeling of exhilaration.
* Kapalabhati activates oranic energy.
* it increases the supply of stored-up prana in the solar plexus region.1800318_722627397768501_1037342139_n


About lalbaba111

i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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