Mahashivaratri Siva Sadhana

Global Meditations

Mahashivaratri Siva Sadhana

Global Meditation of Divine Father Siva during Shivaratri :

Importance of Global Meditation:

The global meditation of Divine mother Durga helps to bring transformation in the participants and also to the world. When we all meditate together at the same time & day for the same cause then the energy that generates is thousand times greater than what we experience during our daily meditation for days, months or even years (depending on the number of participants). The tremendous energy generated from this global meditation helps to heal the participants by removing the deep rooted energy blockages. This in turn solves your life problems. Not only it heals the participants but also the world by creating divine positive energy. This Global meditation is an opportunity for us to serve humanity and also grow spiritually.


Mahashivaratri (Night of siva) falls on Magh Krishna Chaturdashi. This year it falls on 17th February 2015 (as per IST). On this day, the Shiva principle descends to Earth a thousand times more than usual. Siva sadhana performed on this day is very helpful to purify all five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) in our body and raise our soul consciousness and ultimately merge in Siva consciousness. Not only spiritual uplifement but also such purification of five elements helps to solve worldly problems as well. To obtain the full benefit of Lord Shiva’s principle, one should do the following Siva Sadhana on this auspicious day.

Note: Mahasiddhar Thirumoolarji used to come out of Samadhi on Mahashivaratri to bless all the devotees and impart one gem of wisdom and insight. The collection of his sayings become a Holy book of Thirumanthirum. You will be receiving blessings of Mahasiddhar Thirumoolarji when you participate in this global event of Mahashivaratri meditation.


Venue: Where you are

Date: 17th Feb 2015

Time (Indian Standard Time):  Evening 7.00 to 9.00 pm (Devotees from different countries please adjust your time zone with Indian standard Time

General guidelines for meditation:

  • Sit on a woolen mat (you can also use chair but keep woollen mat below your feet) in a quiet place in a comfortable position with spine kept straight and facing east or north for the meditation.
  • Chant OM Nine times to balance you energy centers in the body
  • Do deep breathing for 3-5 minutes
  • Visualize Divine Father Siva in living form at your Ajna Chakra (in between the eyebrows) and worship mentally by offering flowers while chanting mantra.
  • Chant each of the following mantra for 27 or 54 or 108 times or 15-30 min

Chant the mantras in a following order:

1) Stula Siva Mantra


2) Sukshma Siva Mantra


3) Ati Sukshma Siva Mantra


4) Karana Siva Mantra


5) Ati Karana Siva Mantra

shivohum   shivohum  shivohum


About lalbaba111

i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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