Sri Vidya and Dhumavati Sadhana

Sri Vidya and Dhumavati Sadhana – Unravel the Mystery!

      -by Sushil K. (Canada)

“Om Paramtatvaya Narayanaya Gurubhyo Namaha”

Once my Gurudev shared with us a mysterious story of Dhoomavati and Baglamukhi sadhana, that how he could not get his Baglamukhi sadhana as accomplished until my paramguru Kailash revealed him of a Dhoomavati mystery. That mantra is extremely powerful for a normal sadhaka and should be only practiced under a qualified Guru’s supervision. Dhoomavati manta is, as stated, 100 times more powerful than Baglamukhi mantra. So if we can combine those two mahashaktis together anyone can guess the outcome! Request your guru for the mantra, do not start reading from text or from other source as it can be lethal.

Guru is always necessary to open the gate, to channel the energy via the sound and the frequencies created by the sound which is sometimes uncontrolled, very powerful & dangerous because of our thought process. The vibration created by the mantras will combine with your thoughts actually to bring the manifestation. So controlled and positive thinking being relaxed is necessary during mantra sadhana.

So who is Dhoomavati?

I can only share my knowledge and experience which is very much limited but practical. “Dhoom” means smoke and so is goddess dhoomavati described normally as a smoky shakti. She also breathes smoke. She is 7th of the 10 Mahavidyas. She is very uncommon and is portrayed as an ugly faced eternal widow, old, and also called Alakshmi; it is because she does not have the radiance of Lakshmi. But this is just an outer perspective of what we actually see from outside which is not 100% truth. There is also a Black crow along with her which symbolizes the black magic & the dark evil forces.

I will ask everyone to be with me for some time as we all take a little dive and look at this perspective try to analyze this supreme vidya.

Dhoomavati is depicted as old & terrifying elderly because she represents the first and the foremost state even before the entire creation and hence called Jyestha and Laxmi being younger is called Kanistha. So until and unless, you perform a Dhoomavati sadhana, there is no way we get a blessing from Laxmi as this is not possible. During the devshayani ekadashi, Vishnu as the chief administrator of this universe goes to rest then; Maa dhoomavati takes control over everything for those 4 months. If we can please her within these 4 months with rigorous sadhana, then what else do we need to achieve!

If we just look back to mythology, Maharishi Durvasa as he was part of Shiva, used to test the characteristics and reaction of those in front of him at that particular moment and immediately curse as per the influence of Dhoomavati as she controls this department of anger.

Dhoomavati also rules the Jyestha Nakshatra in astrology. If we see here from vedic astrology also, people born on Jyestha naksthara, command respect from people around and are generally rash & impulsive with hot temper & are obstinate to some extent. Dhoomavati since she represents our core values and principles being elderly; and is completely not childish in nature. She is mature and loves those who are motivated, supports those who work really hard to achieve the goal of life – a complete siddhi, whether it is spiritual or material.

If we just look back to mythology, Maharishi Durvasa who use to test the characteristics and reaction at that particular moment and immediately curse as per the influence of Dhoomavati as she controls this department of anger.

Dhoomavati is situated at our Mooladhara chakra. Mooladhar chakra: its main aspect is the innocence, and that is where the source of energy comes from in our body. She will bless us with the power to fight against all diseases, all stresses, and all our unfulfilled desires, as Dhoomavati is also called a goddess of unfulfilled desires, so with her energy and blessing we can fulfill all our wishes as she is also a source of our desires. In an uncontrolled aspect, she is our ego, our anger, frustration and the power or the thought of cursing, as she holds the department of curses.

To appease Dhoomavati or other mahavidyas is really a challenging part. Who knows how many birth it takes for us to at least know or even get a glimpse of these 10 mahavidyas, but my main point here is towards the learning. We should always learn from past mistakes as she will reveal us all our imperfectness, humiliation, losses, loneliness, disappointment and sorrows and that is the only ugly part tantra is revealing us. Let us all learn from our mistakes and take positive steps not to repeat them, this is the real wisdom and way we can please mahavidyas specially dhoomavati.

I will also just touch on her depiction as a widow here, once we reach the ultimate state there is nothing left for us to desire. Desire is a lust and lust is actually charming, so when we reach at the top of the Meru, we will have no desire other than to merge with Shiva and Shakti and there is no worldly lust who is Mohini and when there is no mohini there is no outer charm as well. Inner beauty is what we have to seek out as physical and outer glory is just transient and an illusion only. This is the principle knowledge or the Srividya, I know of.


As I have described in my previous writing that to reach the Meru, there are steps to perform and we cannot reach unless we start from the bottom. So, start from Ganesha & Dhoomavati as they reside in the mooladhar. Get their blessings as ganesha is the obstacle breaker and Dhoomavati is the ultimate giver, nothing can stop us.

Many of us are in a belief that Dhoomavati should not be worshipped at home and specially ladies should not worship her as she is the depiction of widowhood. I can be wrong as my knowledge is very limited, but my guru never restricted me to do the dhoomavati or any other ugra vidya sadhana at home. I believe, we should never be afraid to approach ugra devis if our intention is good and not to harm others as I stated earlier, our mind is very powerful, so always ask your Guru before starting anything.

My experience is, as soon as I chant “Dhoom” there is a force that I feel like someone is walking; “Dhoom, dhoom, dhoom……..”

As she teaches us to become a warrior, a sound will appear and when I go on chanting Panchadashi mantra along with the 51 lettered Shiva mantra, I would have gone past the Stargate and time travelling to some holy place, where my guru is resting quietly and smiling at me. I cannot explain the feeling now, but I will disclose that you will not be yourself when you experience these energies. Once it comes, it stays with you so, channel these energies properly for the welfare of your family and for the humanity if you will.


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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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7 Responses to Sri Vidya and Dhumavati Sadhana

  1. seema says:

    Guruji i am in a very helpless state. Plz share your email address so that i cn mail u my problems in detail.

    • lalbaba111 says:

      i am a professional spiritual guide,my fees for registration with me is 2100/-first deposite the fees,for other details call me on 09312118164

      • seema says:

        Guruji, where i can deposit the fees? Can i do online transfer? I live in bangalore and am not sure where you reside but i can transfer online if u can provide the bank details. Also is it possible for you to guide me the steps through email instead on calling because my husband has trapped my phone calls.

  2. Alden Smith says:

    Who is your guru ?

    • lalbaba111 says:

      my main Guru is Tarni prassad sharma frm kamakhya in ASSAM,INDIA ,from whome ihave taken the” GURU MANTRA”


      • Alden Smith says:

        is it mandatory that the first guru is the main guru in life ?
        i am confused about how to take mantra diksha ?

  3. lalbaba111 says:

    no need to confuse,Guru mantra is your personal mantra,it shall not be disclosed to any one,you have to recite for whole life but other mantras are Diksha mantra & hence guru will called Diksha Guru.if you wants more clarifications than deposite my consultancy fees of Rs 3000/- in my A/c

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