Abhishekam to Ashta Matrukas in Sri Chakramaha-meru-yantra

The Srichakra is the king of yantras, chakra raja. It is the genetic code of the cosmos. Whereever it is, it brings order, peace, happiness, health, wealth and everything. It is considered as an object of Feng Shui, pyramid and holiness in various religions. Just keeping it in the home itself is a great blessing, because it connects itself to the other major Yantras in the world. It is intelligent. Once it is taken from a proper Guru, who is well intentioned, it can give unbounded happiness and every good thing in life.

For those who can do a proper Srichakra archana, unlimited is the benefit that accrues from it. But it is a complicated procedure and not very easy. So, for laypersons, who are tight for time, but still wish to do some sort of puja, the following is suggested.

In the square or the outer most enclosure of Srichakra, there are four cardinal and four intermediate directions and one up and one down – totaling 10. There are so many Mudra Shaktis, Matrukas and Siddhis in these enclosures. We now focus on Ashta Matrukas, who are in the directions and the intermediate directions. They are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kowmari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Chamunda and Mahalakshmi. Their names and associations tell us how and why they are useful as intermediaries, to give us the grace of Para Shakti.

Brahmi – is Brahma’s Atma Shakti – Saraswati, who symbolizes creativity in all forms, music and knowledge. In all efforts that improve the quality of life in this direction, for education, learning and creativity, worship of Brahmi is recommended.

Maheshwari – is the Goddess of Shiva, who represents Mahat Tatwa. She brings Mahat Tatwa under control. So, for those who aspire greatness, through any means, through business or enterprise in various forms, which need insistence on the right things being done at the right time by the right people and the insistence that the things should not be done in the wrong ways and where it needs a little bit of aggression to preserve the competitive edge. For such actions, propitiating Maheshwari is recommended.

Kowmari – is the Atma Shakti of Kumara, Skanda – Ganesha’s brother, whose wives are Valli and Devasena. He is Shanmukha, the Kundalini Shakti itself. He resides at all the six chakras balancing them and he is the leader of the armed forces of the Devas. He is also related to Naga Dosha, because Kundalini is serpent power. By propitiating Kowmari by worshipping the Yoni, the seat of Kundalini as Nagashakti, wellness hormones are generated. Conditions suitable for conception are created thereby. So worship of Kowmari is recommended for couples who want to get santana or progeny.

Vaishnavi – She is the Shakti of Vishnu, whose nature is Maya. Maya means Hreem kAra. It is involvement in the world. So Vishnu’s Atma Shakti, Vaishnavi who is one form of Lakshmi, creates these illusions of Samsara, is best for improvement of one’s relationships in life. There is a relationship between husband and wife, between friends and all kinds of relationships. For improvement in the quality of relationship and establishment of harmony, propitiating Vaishnavi would be very useful.

Varahi – is the commandant of armed forces of Lalita Devi. Residing at Ajna chakra, she is able to give a command, ajna, to various armed forces to quell the enemies. Although it can be used for negative purposes, the positive use of Varahi is to treat the various diseases and internal enemies like kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya and they have to be brought under our control. So, Varahi can be used effectively for controlling the diseases and improving the quality of life. It can be done for the sake of others also by chanting Sankalpam with their names and doing Japa or Prokshana of Varahi Mantra, and relief will be there for the person. It would be especially useful for the application in respect of bringing relief to terminally ill patients, like for those suffering from Cancer and Aids.

Mahendri – is Indra’s Atma Shakti. Indra is the God of Rain. He sends his thunderbolt, Vajra to seed the clouds and bring the rain, which fertilizes the earth. So, all our desires regarding the well being of crops, controlling the floods, natural calamities, anything related to rain and water and fertilization of the earth is best handled by worshipping Indra’s Atma Shakti – Mahendri. It protects the crops and gives better dairy products and is useful for the people in the agro industry. It is also useful for environmental control.

The next Goddess is Chamunda . “Chamunda Shava Vahana” – she lives in cemeteries, rides on corpse, bringing into life. Propitiating this war Goddess Chamunda, who is a form of Chandi, absolutely controls all evils done to you and eliminates that evil. Chamunda is helpful for this.

Mahalakshmi – is the wealth of Sri Mannarayana. She is the cosmic awareness, which shuns the pettiness in every aspect. So, she represents the infinite wealth of the Lord and removes poverty of all kinds. Ashta Aishwaryas and Ashta Lakshmis – are all under her control and they all obey her commands. It is appropriate to propitiate her to get a feel for the spiritual wealth of the Lord. She not only gives material benefits, but also gives the right frame of mind to take you to the oceanic, infinite antaryami consciousness of the Lord.

So, these are the eight Matrukas. Brahmi is in East. Maheshwari to South, Kowmari to West, Vaishnavi to North, Varahi to South East, Mahendri to Southwest, Chamunda to North West and Maha Lakshmi to North East. These goddesses are located on the square enclosure of the Sri Yantra. It is good to do Abhishekam to these Goddesses in the Sri Yantra. Srichakra is the abode of 108 Shaktis. The procedure for doing Abhishekam to them can be found in the mantras given in the document here.

Basically the idea is there is an Avarana Mantra “am aam souh” followed by the name of the Goddess and her nature like “kaama sanjeevanyai” followed by namaha at the end.

For example:
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Brahmi maatre kama sanjeevanyai namaha”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Maaheshwari maatre krodha naashinyai namaha ”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Kowmaari maatre lobha naashinyai namaha ”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Vaishnavi maatre moha naashinyai namaha ”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Vaaraahi maatre mada naashinyai namaha ”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Maahendri maatre maatsarya naashinyai namaha ”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Chamunda maatre papa naashinyai namaha ”
“Om aim hreem sreem am aam souh Maha LakshmI maatre aishwarya keertyai namaha ”

The eight corners of the Sri Chakra in the square enclosure have to be worshipped. The simplest form of worship can be using Panchamrita and putting a spoon of Panchamrita on these spots with each of these mantras. If you want a particular result, you can make a corresponding Sankalpa and worship that Goddess by chanting the mantra 108 times.

These are the general hints for the people who don’t have time, but still want to get the maximum benefit, which will help them to light up the path of their lives.

May God Bless You So.



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