Lord Shiva, stands for the physical manifestation of our Creator. He is beyond rules. He is beyond laws. He is beyond good and what normal society calls civilized. I mean who can be called The Lord of all Yogis and the Creator of Yoga, which is in reality about Spirit and Oneness and everything sublime and also be the Creator of Tantra, which is initially all about exploring every aspect of oneself, including the physical, in all its Raw Glory but both have the same purpose, which is to take you beyond the physical, beyond matter, into the realm of Oneness and Spirit Union and to merge matter and spirit making it a throbbing exhalation of Divine Consciousness.
Yoga and Tantra, both in His grasp. Energy and matter. Spirit and the Body. Sublime and Raw Passion.
Only Shiva can carry both these vehicles to the final destination, that is eventually to Himself.
Lord Shiva is beyond prejudices and the conventional mire of morality. He is found roaming in the crematorium, smeared in ash and also in the holy mountain, Kailas or Kailash, deep in meditation. Only He could have made millions worship a Phallus seated on a Yoni, the female genital, a physical representation of Creation as well as the Male and Female Energy and the dormant and the active.

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Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati have various stories written about Them and Their Creation and Their Union, but for me, They are the physical manifestation of The Creator and The Creator is neither Male nor Female but a Union of both God and Goddess Energy and the closest resemblance one could dare fathom is that of Ardhanarishvara, which is depicted as One Body but made up of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. The Perfect Union of Masculine and Feminine Energy. One without the Other is not complete.
Sages say that each galaxy has a Shiva, thus there are innumerable Shiva’s but there is only one Maha Dev or Maha Shiv. That is why Shiv Ratri comes every month but Maha Shiv Ratri comes once a year.
Shiv stands for detachment. He roams about in the crematorium, which is symbolic to the greatest reality, that change is the only constant thing in Creation. One is born and then one passes over to be born again and so on and so forth. To be attached to the temporary is an exercise in sheer futility or inanity. To give all pervasive importance to anything attached to the body or the physical is a sign of decay, as all that which is transient will decay one day. Only the Spirit lives on. To be attached to anything but this reality, that the only reality is that there is no reality but the existence of The One and the purpose of life or the journey of life, is to realize this reality and to move towards it and any by lane that moves away from this greatest reality is moving away from Lord Shiva.

The only thing permanent is The Spirit. The Energy which is housed in the body or the material Self or the Shell. Shiva by roaming either in the crematorium or in the mountains, makes it clear that that the only true form of living is to be detached not just from one’s surroundings, but most importantly detached from one’s false perception of permanence which is attached to the physical and the material.
According to me He does not preach to be aloof from the world but to be detached from one’s lower self and one’s own obsession with the transient nature of the physical and material. It is easy to be detached from the externals but to be detached from one’s own mind, cravings, paranoia, prejudices, pettiness, slander, fears, being judgmental and also from the importance of the ramifications of virtues and vices, as if one is good or noble or righteousness for any other reason other than for being good and noble and righteous, is then a business or has motives which move away from the Purity of Divinity.
When one goes beyond needs, wants, love, lust, hate and most importantly one’s own false notion of the self, generally termed as ego, but ego does not mean identifying with one’s true self but aligning with the transitory and lower self and all the other fleeting emotions attached to anything which is not permanent, then one begins to tread the path of Shiva. The only thing permanent is The One and one’s own Higher Self, which has come forth from The One.
Everything comes from Nothing and goes back to the Supreme State of Nothingness. Even Creation has come from Nothingness and preservation is a necessity of that State of Creation. Creation and preservation need it each other, but Nothingness needs Nothing and is dependent on Nothing. Hence It is independent and free from bondage of any sort. The true state of Creation is Divine Nothingness, Divine Darkness and Divine Stillness. But not many can conjure the Highest State of Oneness as a state of Divine Darkness or Divine Nothingness. That is why Maa Kali is envisioned Dark in color. She is The One who kills away all that which takes you away from the ultimate reality and thus She is associated with Darkness, the Divine Darkness.
It is now scientifically proven that space is a state of Darkness. Light has come forth from The Creator, as to be blissful in that state of Nothingness is not meant for one and all. Thus, like a parent who leaves a night bulb lit for a child who sleeps in the room alone at night, the same way for us to be able to realise His Supreme State of detachment, one needs to go even beyond Light into that womb of Divine Darkness.
Thus, Lord Shiva represents detachment and one can only merge with Him when you leave even yourself behind and operate from a finality of Oneness.
To be detached from the self is the real answer. We can be a part of the world and still be detached from it, only if we are detached from our own ego and what we associate ourselves with. Baba Sai in channeling has often said that the final state of detachment is when praise and insult mean the same, as well as so called honor and dishonor of one’s name mean the same.
When love and hate do not ruffle us. When being judged and judging have lost their hold over our ego. When roaming in the crematorium, in the bowels of death or sitting majestically in the Himalayas, deep in meditation, mean the same. When the sky and Mother Earth both are as transitory as dew and thoughts, one begins the true journey to Lord Shiva.
When one goes even beyond, the Union of Energy and Matter, Power and Inertia, Honor and Dishonor, Repute and Disgrace, Richness and Poverty, Black and White, even beyond Religion and Scriptures, that is the time you begin to move towards The Creator; towards Goddess and God Energy, the Union of Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva, in One body, One Form, a Union of Life and Samadhi, to the state ofArdhanarishvara.
MahaShivratri, the most auspicious night dedicated to Lord Shiva, is in reality the Union of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. When Divine Nothingness got a purpose of Creation, that state of Darkness or Big Night, became the most auspicious time of all Creation.
He is also called as The Destroyer. For me, He destroys the last shreds of ignorance and the false ego or the lower self. Each one of us represents the entire Cosmos or Creation. He destroys the false illusions of one’s existence, one’s cosmos or universe and recreates the real you, the you that swims in the ocean of Oneness and spirit consciousness.
Lord Shiva is the destroyer of all that which is false and illusionary. He is the vanquisher of ignorance.


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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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