The center of every experience is yourself. That is Siva, called the invariant point, bindu. The word bindu means three things: point, seed and mind. All that is experienced is Shakti. The function of Siva is to unite you into the cosmic being that you are. The function of Shakti is to separate you from being Siva to bring an experience to that awareness, that flowing and movement in time.

From the point (Bindu) you have two points and the interval between them. From one you are moving into three and this triad is symbolized by the central triangle of the Sri Chakra. The triangle is the creation of the interval.
Since space time and matter (created by the curving space around time) are all ways of looking at this interval, we know that Sristi, Sthiti and Laya – the creation, sustenance and reabsorption are all the same, but appering to function differently under the power of the triangle.
Expansion of the bindu into the triangle is the projection of the cosmic awareness into separateness, through a wave like phenomenon. It is a limitation. It is called Maya. Symbol of Maya is the seed letter “Hrim”. Hrim means Hara (Siva) + Hari(Vishnu) + and Virinci (Brahma). Hara is the symbol of the unity and time( minterval measured in time), Hari is the symbol of the duality and space(interval measured in space), and Virinci is the symbol of creation and matter(interval measured in space-time).

You can also think of them as the past, the present and the future. Future is dying to create the present moment, and the Present is dying to create past. The Future is being pushed into the present and the present is being pushed into the past. That is what time is doing when it is moving. It is manifesting the future and pushing the present into the past. Looking at it another way you can say the present is the creation of the future and the past is the creation of the present. So again you see the identity of two ways of looking at the same process.
Let us then say that there is some power inherent in the awareness itself to know itself and that power is manifesting as if there is a mirror. The mirror is so pure that you are not even aware that it is in front of you. So what you are seeing is a reflection of yourself. That mirror is called your mind, or the the cosmic mind. In the cosmic mind, God reflects his/her own image and reflects on it.
God is neither male nor female nor neuter. All genders are included. Everything, everyone is included in the manifested state. This is true, not only in the case of the cosmic intelligence, but also of the individual intelligence. Your mind is a mirror in which you are seeing yourself reflected. No matter how complicated the world seems to mbe, it is only yourself that you are seeing. No matter how varied it looks – trees, birds, males, females, things, land, sea, sky, sun, moon, stars, galaxies, – none of these things existed if you did not exist. For billions of years you did not exist. Where was this world then ?


Existence is awareness. Deny existence itself. Then, can there be awareness? Thus existence implies awareness. Awareness implies existence too, self evidently. Since these two imply each other, they contain each other. So they are not two separate entities, but they are indeed one and the same entity.
Existence is called Siva, Awareness is called Shakti. Siva is therefore called Sthanu- unmoving. Their unity creates the flow of experience and the flow of experience is called Bliss – Ananda, or Sat-chit-ananda. You can say that the 3 points of the central triangle are Sat Chit and Ananda. You can define it in terms of creation, sustenance and destruction, or, you can define it in terms of the Seer, the Seen and the act of Seeing, or, the Measurer, the Measured and the act of Measuring – all these things are the meanings, associations, of this triangle.
Now it stands to reason that if there is a centrifugal power in the awareness which explodes this point into a triangle, there must be a centripetal power that implodes the triangle back into the point.


“I” plus “A” – the Shakti and Siva, the triangle and the bindu is the creative power behind the cosmos. This is the explosive, expansive power of the awareness. To shift itself away from its point of focus is called “Hrim”, and a call back to the center is called “Srim”. Both are great powers. “Srim” undoes what Hrim does. The seed letter Hrim, creates individuation, limiting the cosmic awareness to individual awareness. The seed letter Srim removes limitations and the individual is exploded into cosmic awareness. So Hrim and Srim are inverse operators.
“Om”(=A+U+m) is the name of God. We say “Om Hrim Srim” as a mantra to imply that the world came out of God and is going back to it. Hrim is the power that makes the point into the triangle and Srim is the power which collapses the triangle back to into the point.
Interestingly, Om consists of the seed letters A+ U+ M. Just a cyclic permutation U+M+A reads as Uma. Om is the name of Siva and Uma is the name of Shakti. It is just two ways of looking at the same entity. If we begin with existence A, it looks like Siva; if we begin with awareness U, it looks like Shakti.


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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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