importance of Manipur Chakra.


Position of Manipur Chakra in our body isjust above our Naval,that is why it is also called as Abdomen Chakra.The Beej mantra of manipur chakra is’ RUM’& The ista Devi is “LAKINI”.

Abdomen Chakra symbolizes our sun – the center of our personal power. This chakra we absorb the life-giving power of the sun and stimulating, establishing an active connection to the rest of humanity and with the physical world. It is responsible for the development of our personality, transfer our emotions to the world, controls the ability to influence the inner strength and intelligence in its practical aspect to the environment. Belly Chakra is the center of our desires, ego and self-realization, the ability to enter into long-term harmonious relationship with others. This chakra controls our desire to achieve recognition and status in society, the desire to stand out in the crowd  the objectives and the implementation of our goals and expectations, as well as the adoption of existing social norms of behavior. To have the ability to judge the life, we need to be able to independently establish a personal opinion. Through decisions made in life, we can realize their full potential. Abdomen Chakra gives us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in shaping our personality. Through this chakra we catch rate other people and act accordingly. From a spiritual point of view, the work of this chakra is to help us realize their mission in the material world, to fulfill their mission in life as much as possible, using our talents and abilities, to pass on our personal path of destiny in the material world, so as to achieve self-realization at all levels. Understanding the feelings, desires, passions and hopes of the third chakra helps to achieve a balance and develop, because it strengthens our inner strength and clarifies the situation and events in life.
When the chakra is open and harmonious, our ability to perceive the creative power is great, and has an impact on everything that we touch. When all our wishes come true, we are wizards, feeling at the same time they are happy and satisfied. Due to the internal integrity and our ability to create and achieve a desired in harmony with the surrounding world, the yellow light chakra is gradually turning into a golden glow of wisdom, knowledge and abundance, a feeling of peace and inner harmony. When the chakra is balanced, a person can control his emotions and cope with their feelings, desires and expectations. He does not express too violent emotions and does not suppress them, and is able to combine their emotions together. In the third chakra equilibrium man glows with an inner light, which protects it from the influence of external negative factors and negative vibrations.
When Chakra  working defective or blocked, intuitive abilities are lost, and the energy can not flow freely to a higher chakras, focusing only on the lower levels. It is characterized by the fact that the man only interested in the material things of the world. If the chakra is not balanced, we feel sad and general dissatisfaction with all our dreams and plans are only in projects to translate them into reality does not work and we always find the excuse. Moreover, we give these states to people and the world around us, making it a gloomy, gray and sad. Imbalance is also manifested in the human desire to control both their internal and external world. His ego is not balanced, it has a strong need for status and respect that is manifested in the desire to manipulate and suppress others to abuse power. Man becomes ambitious and committed to the primacy of any means that he is ready to trample in the mud any, to make a career. This situation may lead to the fact that the person will be difficult to calm down, he may feel that it is necessary to always something to do in order to feel complete and adequate. In such situations, the social situation and the accumulation of wealth can become the meaning of life to such an extent that it will suppress or reject the world of the senses as having special significance for him.
Of course, it fails to suppress or eliminate them and they can be pulled out to the outside in different situations and at all times. At the same time there is a feeling of anger and resentment toward their parents, and all the world with whom he communicates. Meanwhile, the repressed feelings do not give him no rest, and he may be suffering from bouts of depression and rage, while trying to give the impression of a successful and prosperous person. When a man sees his inner strength as a means of control, the natural gulf separates it from other people. He builds a confrontation,  He often starts a connection based on self-interest, but is not able to enter into a real close connection with the people. He feels that he is one against all, and not one of the many others like it. The desire to manage and manipulate the results in spending a large amount of energy, and a person may find that it plays out that it requires a variety of stimulants – coffee, sweets, drugs or perversion. There are times when a person is afraid of his own inner strength. This fear leads to constant self-criticism that tiring, exhausting and makes the stay cold and reserved.
Influence of Abdomen Chakra: mental and nervous exhaustion, isolation, gallstones, diabetes, problems with the digestive system, ulcers, allergies, heart disease. The solar plexus chakra affects the diaphragm, respiratory system, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, small intestine.
Yellow chakra affects our sympathetic nervous system and the emotions that are trapped by it – as we have to “digest” the life, affect the respiratory and digestive systems.
When the gallbladder is working well enough, it can cause the accumulation of discontent and envy. On an emotional level, gallstones can be the result of pride, a critical attitude toward others and the constant condemnation and unpleasant thoughts about others.
Pancreas symbolizes the sweetness of life. When a person thinks that he lives “bitter”, it is an urgent need for intimacy and love, which can lead to disruptions in the functioning of the pancreas and as an option – diabetes.
The intestine is our ability to get rid of the burden of emotions, emotional part with slag, which have ceased to bring us a favor. Feelings of anger, helplessness, sadness and loneliness, as well as various fears drag from childhood. A mature man is no longer needed these emotions, but not so easy to get rid of them. Disease intestinal indicate the inability to vent old, unnecessary emotional and physical debris. This condition may be accompanied by disharmony in the solar plexus, which is manifested in acrimony and inability to part with material objects.
Respiratory system reflects our ability to “breathe” life – exist in it, flow with it, move it. When the third chakra energy is not enough, one can observe the life of the part, without interfering in it with an expression of personal desires and actions. When a chakra is in a state of increased activity, a person can “eat” the life, instead of inhaling it healthy and balanced way. Both these situations may occur in rapid, shallow breathing, as well as diseases of the respiratory system.
When the solar plexus chakra is in an unbalanced state, it can manifest itself in allergies and diseases of the eye. On an emotional level, the allergy can be rooted in various forms of hostility and dissatisfaction in relation to the world. It is a manifestation of the refusal to recognize their own capabilities and inner strength, especially in cases where the chakra is wasting most of their energy on actions that do not benefit a person


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i am a professional spiritual guide,i am in spirituality for last 23 years,along doing other works,a civil engineer my self,iwas a business man also,till 8 years back now i teach meditation with mantra sadhna based in Delhi.Iam a SRI VIDYA sadhak,taken SODDAKSHRI VDYA MANTRA ALSO.
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