“Granthi” means knot, pouch, bamboo node etc. In human body granthis have specific duties in the function of the body. The cells in the granthi produce liquid discharges and those are very important essences needed for our body.
Brahma granthi is one of the three knots in ‘Sushumna’ which act as blocks (like bamboo nodes) and prevent Kundalini power from entering into Sushumna nadi and ascend to Sahasrara chakra. Other two are Vishnu granthi and Rudra granthi.
It is situated inside the entrance tip of Sushumna and governs the area of Muladhara chakra and Svadhishtana chakra. Muladhara and Svadhishtana controls all physical desires like hunger, thirst, sex etc. Sexual desires cause the union and creation hence this granthi is called Brahma granthi.

Vishnu Granthi: Second knot. It covers the area between manipura, anahata & vishuddhi chakras. It is also known as the navel knot.
Rudra Granthi: Third knot. It covers the areas of Ajna & Sahasrara chakras. It is also known as forehead knot.
These three knots prevent the free flow of prana along chakras & prevent the arising of kundalini.

I have already told you about the positions of chakras in our body.Also about the three main nadis,IDA.PINGLA.SUSHMANA


Brahma Granthi:
The shape of Brahma Granthi is like a Conch shell as the blowing hole in the top. It have five rings. Half of its are of water and balance are of other panchabhootas. So Kledam shall be liquid. The quantiy of Kledam present shall be different according to “tithis” or amritha kala and visha kala. In Pournami quantity of Kledam will be less and in Amavasi quantity of Kledam shall be more. So Pournami and Shuklapaksha shall be more suitable for yoga sadhana. Likewise Autumn is the most suitable season.
Shape of the first ring is like a linga with upper and lower parts pointed and middle section thicker. First ring is based on 9 matras or pulses. They stay circular in the ring and rotates in up, down and side ways. 72000 nadis are connected to these 9 matras. When Kundalini power enter in to the Sushumna the rotation of the “9 matras” stop and Sadhak may hear Omkara sound slightly. Say in 9 matras. It may be like the sound of waves at the sea. We cannot compare it correctly, have to be experienced. Some pain like biting, fever may be occured to some. Presence of the Sadguru is surely required for the Sadhak.
The second ring is fixed like teeth in the gaps, so no movements here. This ring is connected to 72000 nadis (nerves). It is based on 18 matras or pulses. 18 matras are 18 tatvas. By getting older this ring may contract but with yoga you may keep it expanded. When Kundalini Shakthi enters to the second ring you may hear the Omkara in 18 matra long. It may be sounded like waterfall. The Sadhak may experience powerful nadi jerks, thunder and lightning, seeing Sun and Moon etc. Without blessings and presence of Sadguru you cannot cross this safely. Tremendous will power, healthy nerves and body, pure mind and full devotion to Sadguru is essential to cross this ring. Only Sadguru can help.
The third ring is shaped as half moon and stays horizontal. It is based on 32 matras placed criss cross as threads in linen. 32 matras are 32 tatvas. By getting older the softness will reduce and the ring will get dry and movements may not be possible here. Only Sadguru can help. We can hear the Omkara sound clearly in 32 mathras or pulses to the Sadhak. Aum Maha Guru Agastheswara Mahamuni Prabhuve Namo Nama:
The fourth ring is shaped in half moon and situated horizontally and opposite to the third ring. The third and fourth together complete a full circle. The fourth ring is based on 64 mathras which are 64 tatvas. When Kundalini. Shakthi enter here sadhak can hear Omkara more clearly in 64 mathras. To pass other experiences only Sadguru can help.
The shape of the fifth ring is like a full moon. It attracts Kundalini power from the other four rings to the ascending path. It is filled with 108 moving mathras. The changes in the Moon reflect in the fifth ring. During Amritha kala it attracts and shines like Full Moon and during in Visha kala it will repel and will be in black colour. When Kundalini enters here Sadhak will hear Omkara louder in 108 mathras. About other experiences Sadguru only can advise.






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