About Lal Baba

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Lal Baba is known as Shri Ashok Kumar Jha and by qualification he is a civil engineer having 30 years of work experience. In the first 15 years, he worked with many multinational companies in India as well as abroad. For the next decade and a half, he has done business as an interior designer taking up various turnkey projects for VIPs, NRIs & Multinational companies. Throughout his life he has been actively involved in pursuit of his spiritual journey and has been blessed with various Siddha Gurus and great spiritual experiences.

Lal Baba is practicing Sadhna for the past 21 years. He is a regular visitor of Kamroop Kamakhya Peeth since childhood. He has recieved blessings of many Siddha Gurus from time to time such as Paramhans Maharaj, Venkateswaracharya Swami Bedharak Maharaj, Nagraj Baba, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Maharaj, Mukteswari Gurupeeth, Guru Sadguru Priyanand Ji Maharaj.Sadguru Amritanand Nath Saraswari of Devipuram…

  • In 2008, he took his Gurudiksha from Tarini Baba of Kamroop Kamakhya Peeth,
  • In 2010 he took Sri Vidya Diksha from Avdhoot Baba
  • In 2012 he took Kundalni Jagran Diksha from Pujya Sadguru Priya Nand Ji Maharaj
  • In 2013,he learn Sri Vidya as per Tamil Siddha’s from Shiv premanand jee.
  • In 2015 taken advance Sri Vidya,from his holiness sadguru late shri Amritanand Saraswati of Devipuram.
    1. sipritual guide.

      1. This gives me pleasure to inform peoples/my freinds/my associates from different fieldes that I Ashok Kumar Jha known as LAL BABA in spiritual feild started a new venture ,called

      Pundit Prakash
      Pundit Prakash
      Teacher of Vedic Astrology at Zodiac Pundit

      Ashok Jhaji is a divine person and we all have a lot to learn from him and seek his guidance. I respect his knowledge and wisdom that he has achieved through his meditation and dedication .

      We all are blessed by his profound knowledge and guidance to achieve the upliftment of the soul.

      God Bless him.

      July 7, 2013, Pundit was ASHOK KUMAR’s client

      Life Changing Mind Engineer & Founder, Life Improvement Mind Engineering (LIME) 4500+ Professionals&Experts as contacts

      Swami ji Ashok Kumar is a positive person charged with amazing spiritual energy and aura. His very presence would make us on the right path in life and as a Devi Upasaka, his words are potent with a lot of spiritual ambiance. He is an asset to our Mother Nation.

      June 24, 2013, GANESH was ASHOK KUMAR’s client

    2. freelancer spiritual guide.


      Ranjna Sharma
      Ranjna Sharma
      Soul Trainer

      Ashok is a spiritual being and has a lot to contribute. I respect his knowledge and the Gyan that he has achieved through his meditation and dedication to the enhancement for his Soul.

      June 9, 2013, Ranjna was with another company when working with ASHOK KUMAR at SELF EMPLOYED.

      anoop jha
      anoop jha
      GM-Marketing at UBITECH (P) LTD.

      He is a spiritual guide who helps you to attain peace and discover yourself spiritually and face this competative world with smile.

      May 29, 2013, anoop was ASHOK KUMAR’s client

      Manoj Jha
      Manoj Jha
      Head – Strategic HR

      Ashok ji is one of the best example of how a professional person develops spiritual aspects through years of learning & practice. What is wonderful is the simplest way he facilitates others in process way in developing spiritual aspects.

      May 28, 2013, Manoj worked with ASHOK KUMAR at SELF EMPLOYED

      freelancer spiritual guide.


      shade Gab
      shade Gab
      Spiritual Teacher at Shadelook

      Ashok is a truly blessed Intuitive Guidance, Spiritual Healer who takes Healing Energy work
      seriously and to another level.He is able to perform energy cleansing and rests to help clear you
      of any Negativity.
      His main objective is to work hard in delivering high quality work

      Kence Georgey
      Kence GeorgeyRe-order
      Founder at Eco Trails Kerala

      Ashok Jha has extremely excellent knowledge about Spirituality & Indian Vedanta.. He is the right person to approach for any such consultancy in Spiritual / self-development / knowledge affairs.. Kence Georgey

      July 12, 2013, Kence was ASHOK KUMAR’s client

      Frida Maria Siton
      Frida Maria Siton
      Metaphysical Therapist at Spirit Release Forum

      Ashok Jhaji is blessed with the healing energies from Divine Mother/Father God. These healing energies empower and bless his clients at all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually bringing positive transformation into their lives.

      July 19, 2013, Frida Maria was ASHOK KUMAR’s client

      N P Singh
      N P Singh
      Managing Partner

      I know him since last 16 years he has the blessings of maa kamakhya devi, siddhas, his own guru, his sixth scence is very strong,he must be a saint in his previous life.

      July 19, 2013, N P was ASHOK KUMAR’s clien

sipritual guide.


Ramesh vyas Ramesh vyas ·Busnessman Gems &jewl at Astrologer To: ASHOK KUMAR JHA Date: September 27, 2013 Ramesh vyas has recommended your work as sipritual guide. at . This recommendation is visible in your profile. Dear ASHOK KUMAR, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.


39 Responses to About Lal Baba

  1. Ananta says:

    All are the Blessings of The Supreme Lord Within and Around.

  2. limeganesh says:

    I am extremely happy to get connected to this Guru and Sadhak. I am from Ramana Maharshi’s School of thought doing one single Sadhana of asking to me “who am I”.

  3. shweta gupta says:

    jai mata ki,sadar charan sparsh guruji,
    i am a housewife and living in delhi with my family. i want to do shivyog sadhna and advait shree vidhya sadhna. is it possible for me sitting at home and do sadhana. i want to take diksha from you. i must have to grow my spiritual life.
    jai mata ki.

    • lalbaba111 says:

      no,these sadhnas you have to do under guidence of some one who knows this sadhna,as for diksha you can tlk to me on my mb.09312118164,all this things required lot of money.

      • sumit says:

        Baba g mujhe baglamukhi pooja karwani hai maran aur satru badha khatm karne k liye kitna paisa chahiye…

  4. ramkeshwr singh says:

    Mai ramkeshwr singh
    Baba ji aapke darbar me aana chahta hu yadi aap kirpa kare to

  5. munish kumar says:

    Guruji My brother Virender kishore bhola Aged40having the mentally ill health has been missing since 20.12.14 from ashok vihar phase III delhi 52. Please help us. Regards Munish kumar

  6. Hi sir sorry to ask, when one charges money for the spiritual services then he still has a long path to cover in the field of spiritual world, as of now he is still not enlightened. Because the day one is enlightened he will move towards mukti/moksha, and the question of money will vanish. Do you think that your lust for knowing yourself following the path of spiritualism was an investment.

    Thanks and regards

    Dr saurabh

    • lalbaba111 says:


      • lalbaba111 says:

        people like Dr.saurabh singh ,called oversmart persons,who feel that they are the only,preacher on this earth ,who things every thing comes free of cost,but these kind of peoples are biggeset fools.

  7. Subodh Pradhan says:

    Pranam guruji

  8. ravisanker-tamilnadu-coimbatore... says:

    namasthe ki… i am ravisanker fromtamilnadu…want to know any specific pooja for tara devi…

  9. shrimanta kumar choudhury says:

    i m calling from odisha & i m also a maa kamakshya upasak but i have no guide to sadhana .pl.help me to maa kamakshys puja bidhi & sadhana.

  10. shrimanta kumar choudhury says:

    lal baba ji pranam i m calling from odisha & i m also a maa kamakshya upasak but i have no guide to sadhana .pl.help me to maa kamakshys puja bidhi & sadhana.

  11. gopal says:


    • lalbaba111 says:

      you are a phyco,you need a good psychologist not a sadhak or Tantric,today itself you have wasted my time on phone,when i told you i am a professional spiritual guide,my fees is 2100/- only.you have ask me my a/c number,which i send you through sms on your phone,but within 45 minutes you changed your mind,telling me you will come to DELHI At the time of Diwali,to meet me personely.sorry i don’t want to waste my time.

  12. Baba mata ji meri bhi mnokamna puri karegi
    JAY mata di

  13. Aditi says:

    Dear Sir,
    i came across your website & was curious to know if you could help me out with my issue. me & my husband are trying to start a family since last two years, but have been unsuccesfull. we do not have any medical condition. the reason is unexplained.
    kindly guide.

  14. sumit says:

    Guru g mujhe baglamukhi pooja karwani hai maran prayog ko hatane aur satru pida se santi k liye kitna kharch hoga..

  15. Manish dhandh says:

    Mai bohot paresan hu guruji pls help

  16. vaishali says:

    Baba I want to get my love with complete acceptance from our members please tell me what should I do and help me
    I really want our families to be comfortable with my relation with him
    Thank u

  17. rajat thakur says:

    Mujhe kamakhya Diksha leni h kisi guru ka margdarshan kren

  18. naveen says:

    hello lal baba ji,mujhe kamkhaya temple mei bali dene hai aap batay kis time par de sakte hai?aur aap puja karva denge ?plz reply with your fee and arrangement

  19. senora says:

    Hi, do you know how to reach out to Bhole Baba

  20. varun pratap singh says:

    गुरु जी प्रणाम
    मेरा नाम वरुण प्रताप सिंह है
    मैंने अप्रैल 2015 में माता कामाख्या का दर्शन पहली बार किया था
    वहाँ से लौटने के बाद करीब 2 दिन बाद मैंने और मेरी धर्म पत्नी ने
    एक ही सपना देखा दोनों ने सपने में ये देखा कि हम मंदिर में माता
    का दर्शन करने गए है लाइन में लगे है, माता के मुख्य मंदिर मार्ग
    पर पहुचे तो, लेकिन दर्शन नहीं कर पा रहे हैं तब से हम दोनों ही
    चिंतित रहते है…
    मार्ग दर्शन करें।

  21. Suresh Kumar Naidu says:

    Guruji humhara naam Suresh Naidu he humhara Janam guwahati me hua hum Kamakhya darshan aneko baar kaar chuke he paar 5 year’s se hum Visakhapatnam pariwar ke Saath shift ho chuke he paar guruji humhare saath ek ghatna ghate humne gupt navratri me maata ka vigraha humhare dost Jo Kamakhya ke panda he humne navratri me 9 din maata ki aradhana ki humhe aacha laga to hum aab 365 din Kar Rahe he ek raat maata ka swapn aaya khuli aankhon se hum so nahi rahe the guruji paar maata ek vridh Roop me humhare peeth ke upar baith Kar kano me Kuch boli paar humhe samajh nahi aaya us di see aaj laghbhag 12 din beet Gaye paar humhe nind nahi aate paar body week bhi nahi hota rooj Mata ke beej mantra ka 108 baar jup karte he subha sham puja karte he just din naa kare us din bahut kamjoore aate he.
    Kuch salha dejeye guruwaar.

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