About Kamakhya Temple

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There are 51 shakti peethas in different parts of India as well as in Pakistan, Nepal & Sri Lanka. The Kamakhya Shakti Peeth is considered as the most powerful shakti peeth, as yoni (vagina) of Goddess Sati had fallen on the Neelanchal parvat i.e. the Nilgiri hills, following splitting of the Goddess dead body. Since everyone comes to this world through ‘yoni’ that is why this place is considered as the center point of creating the whole Brahmand.

This shaktipeeth temple is situated on the hill in the Guwahati City in Assam, India. Located merely 4Km from the railway station & 18Km from the airport, the temple complex is dedicated to Ten Mahavidyas i.e. Bhuvaneshwari (at maximum height), Baglamukhi, Chinnamasta, Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, Dhumvati, Tripur Sundari, Matangi & Kamla. The three Devi i.e. Tripur Sundari, Kamla & Matangi reside inside the main temple dedicated to Kamakhya. The most important part of the temple is the ‘Garbhagriha’ which is a cave below almost 20 feet from the ground level. The ‘Garbhagriha’ is small, dark and reached by narrow steep stone steps.

The Sanctum is actually a cave, which consists of no image, but a natural spring that flows through, a yoni shaped cleft in bedrock, covered all the way with a big silver dome on which flower mala, sindur, chunri, sari, prassad etc are offered by the pujari sitting there. The sacred water coming through yoni shaped rock is considered as the most powerful Jal, which if taken regularly after having darshan, gives moksh to the bhakt. Most of the rishis like Vasishth, Vamakhepa, Vishwamitra, Bhardwaj, Ramkrishna Paramhans etc came here for having this spiritual Jal for getting Moksha. The Goddess is worshipped according to both Vamachar as well as Dakshinachar modes of worship.

Most Powerful Tantric Peeth: Apart from Ten Mahavidya temples, there are shiva temples also there named Kotilinga Mahadev, Kameshwar Mahadev, Sidheswra Mahadev but not in idol form. So here yoni and linga is worshipped which is must in Tantric pooja. So it is very popular saying that no tantric is complete without visiting the Kamkhya Temple. Since this is the most powerful tantric peeth, animal sacrifices is a must for getting tantric siddhis. Animals includes male small goats, buffalo etc The temple attracts lacs & lacs of tantric devotees in an annual festivals known as Ambubachi Mela, Manasha Puja etc

Kanya Pujan: For Vedic Sadhak Kanya Pujan, Kanya bhojan is a must apart from offering Puja to Kamakhya Devi as per vedic methods.

Other temples in Guwahati: It is old belief that before offering prayer to Ma Kamakhya, the bhakt must visit Umanand Bherav situated in center of Brahmputra river near fancy bazar. You must visit Sukreswar Mahadev, Bhimashankar Mahadev, Vashist Kund, Navgraha Temple,

Tirupatti Balaji temple and Anapurna Temple in Rangia.

Who are Tantriks ?
These two key questions troubled me from my early childhood. I was born in Rural India and at early age I listened the facts about some black magic done by someone or the magical powers of some Tantrik who sits in the Cemeteries. I used to think that why these people live in Cemeteries and how come they got these powers.

With time when I grew older I started thinking that, Are these powers real or just a way to fool the people around and earn some quick and easy money. And if the powers are real then is it necessary to sit in a Cemetery to get these powers. I was confused and never got a satisfactory answer till the time I started digging it myself. With time after teenage I started looking for answer with more passion. After the research of many years, after reading the journals and research papers of many scientists of different countries and after meeting many real Tantriks I somehow came to know that what exactly the fact is.

Defining tantraFirst I understood the term Tantra. Tantra ( तंत्र ) means system, it signifies the name. So every system in this holy nature is ultimately a Tantra. In fact independence is a state where we are allowed to run our own system, that is why it is called as “Swatantra” ( स्वतंत्र ) in Hindi. Here “Swa” means your own and “Tarnta” means system. It means when you are allowed to run your own system then you are “Swatantra” or Independent. There are many different and complex systems available in this nature and understanding them is always beneficial for any one to live a happy and healthy life. Yoga is itself a Tantra (System).

Understanding and running a system is the job of a Tantrik. So one who knows any system end-to-end and has capabilities to run the system smoothly is a Tantrik in true sense. This not necessary that a Tantrik can be seen in black or shady clothes with a lot of rosaries around his neck, with ashes on his body or face. These can be tools of a Tantrik to understand the system but not a necessity.

One more thing a Tantrik is not an alien specie and they are equally human as you and me. Yes… there is strong opinion in people in India that a Tantrik is always bad and performs “Totkas” or malicious activities to harm someone. Tantriks are not good at all and they are mostly involved in illegal activities. Unfortunately “TV shows” as well telecasts the darker side of moon only. I never saw any TV show featured on the good deeds of a Tantrik hence this castes a deep down impression in the hearts of citizens that Tantriks are bad people and one should keep a distance from them. This opinion did not came just like that I understand that many people used their powers in wrong directions and performed some bad work but in which stream we don’t see negative minded people. If you see a true Tantrik then it is sure that you are meeting someone who knows at least one system perfectly and can be a good source of knowledge. But first you need to understand that who is true Tantrik.

How Tantrik got powers ? If they are simple scholars of system then how come they are having some mystical powers which are easily not available. How come they can change someone’s fate by chanting some Mantras and how come they can even see the future events.

So practically speaking no one can change your fate. If there is something written to happen in your life then that thing will take place for sure. Only thing a Tantrik can do is he can reduce the intensity of bad events and increase the intensity of good events. Let us say you are destined to meet an accident on so and so date. That accident can be fatal but a Tantrik can reduce the intensity and you will meet an accident on same day on same time but the accident will be with a bicycle where you will receive some scratches only. So definitely a Tantrik can change the intensity but not the event. Every event in your life are governed by the rays and powers of the planets around. These events gets effected from your own deeds as well. Now every event is a compound set of balanced rays of every planet, some are more and some are less. A Tantrik knows that which ray can change the intensity of this event. Hence changing the intensity with the help of mantras is possible, as every planet is bound with a set of seed letters as well so by correct set of mantra the set of rays can be manipulated in the favor of an individual.

An astrologer can predict the future (where predictions can go wrong) but a Tantrik can see future. With long hours of meditation and activation of certain chakras one can have the powers to see futures. We all have this power, we call that sensation Déjà vu. We can call it a sensation but this is a power of our chakra and if this is a power then the power can surely be increased. What if we increase the power to utmost level by activating our chakra via Yoga and Pranayama then we can make this small Déjà vu state work like a movie in front of our eyes. This is a powerful system which lies in our body we just need to understand it. We don’t need to sit in cemetery to activate our chakra or we don’t need to wear such outfit to look like a Tantrik to achieve this, we just need to live a disciplined life and have a control on our body and thoughts.

Hence ultimate results – Tantra is just a system but the system can be very complex that you need years or some times lives to understand complete system. A Tantrik is one who understands the system and this is really tough to find a real Tantrik. Don’t get into the clutches of hypocritical Babas, they just want to run behind money and may ruin your life. A real Tantrik never need money from you, he has his own ways to get money and they are most independent people who can handle any situation in their life. They will help you without any desire. If you see anyone with this kind of property then respect him but don’t blindly trust him. Next there is nothing above and beyond the law of your nation hence any activity which hurts anyone in any sense should be considered as an illegal offence and you should leave the Tantrik immediately who ask you to walk on an illegal path


118 Responses to About Kamakhya Temple

  1. payal says:

    Hi I m from delhi actually I and my family are suffering from almost every sort of problems mainly depression I doubt that my maternal aunt has done something wrong on us we have been to almost every religious place and numerous babas and all.noone could help up .can we visit kamakhya to get rid of this problem and if yes then how can we find a genuine sadhu who really could understand and help up plzz suggest I m left with no hope now its been more than 7 years.

  2. Dibyendu says:

    Hello, last 29th June 2014 I offered Puja at Maa Kamakhya Temple and collected the blessed red cloth from the Pujari. immediately after that, I have started facing bad times. On a verge to lose my job, suffering from health hazards, mother is also sick. Please advice.

  3. Eishita Koley says:

    I was said by some tantric that some totka is done on me by relatives,so that I have lot of problems in conceiving and delivery.Further my career growth will also be affected.
    We are not planning for any kid immediately so we can’t say anything on the delivery part, but my career has got huge troubles. I am trying for a job change past 1.5 years but unable to.
    I had heard of the affects of black magic and also know that Kamakya Temple is a right place to get out from such spells. But before coming to Kamakya, I wanted to first confirm if such a black magic is actually done or not. How may I know that.


  4. Jack says:

    Hello, I live in delhi and have visited kamakhya once, got a puja done also, but the work for which it was done hasn’t been accomplished yet, can you suggest if I need to get a specific puja there, how to go about ?

  5. ashish says:

    I love a girl and that girl also loves me we want to became married but our guardians are not ready due to caste problem. I will visit kamakhya temple next mnth.
    Please help

  6. Shyam Yadav says:

    Do you know anyone in kamakhya who removes blackmagic ? I’m planning to visit kamakhya now .

  7. saurav says:

    baba i want to learn tantra vidya i wnt to very dishparted to lear can u teach me baba

    • lalbaba111 says:

      saurav,you have to take tantra diksha from my guru at kamakhya,my guru’s fees is rs21000/-my dakishna is 11000/- plus my to &fro flight chages from Delhi to kamakhya % back.

  8. asis kumar says:

    hello baba , i have lots of problems which i can’t be able to tell you, how i come to you and solve my problems ????? I need some one who can do before i say to him means to judge me well.. so i want to meet you.

  9. shashi sharma says:

    me bhoot paresan hu aap kuch kar sakte ho baba

    • lalbaba111 says:

      mein ek professional spiritual guide hoon.mein apko rasta dikha sakta hoon,meri fees rs21oo/-ek saal salah dene ki leta hoon.mere se aap phone par connect kar sakti hein 09312118164

  10. Pallavi says:

    Want to know about the pooja banglamukhi and pundits who can perform and in how many days???

  11. rakesh kumar says:

    Baba ji m advhat sri vidya k sadhna karta hu.ye diksh mere k avdhoot baba shivanand ji se milI thi..ab sadhna karte mera muje maa ki aur se sankeyt attah tumko tanter ki sadhna karni h aur logoo ki help krni h..aur es vidya per nye paryoog kar k ese logo ke smasya ko doar karne m madad karne h..ab app mere marg darshan kar muje tanter k siddh sadhak kbre m batye..phli baar kamakhya peeth aa rha hu..kya jha mere koi help ho sakti h..plese help me..

    • lalbaba111 says:

      Abhi aap ki srividya sampoorn nahi hui hai, AVHDOOT BABA SIVA NAND JEE ne level 111,ke baad sadhna dena band kar diya hai.mein swaym tantra marg mein nahi hoon ,mein srividya sadhak hoon,Tantra mein koi madad nahi kar sakta.

  12. priyanka roy says:

    Do you know a true and good tantrik…to answer some of my questions …i am also at some research phase….Thanks a lot for ur consideration

    • lalbaba111 says:

      Priyanka,you should go through my profile first i am a kamakhya sadhak ,but do not practice TANTRA because i have taken vedic diksha from kamakhya shakti peeth.

  13. Swaroop De says:

    How can I perform Puja of Kamakhya Devi at my home? What are Her Dhyana, Pushpanjali and Pranam Mantras?

  14. Daksha ahir says:

    Baba muje kamkhya tempal par aana he par keshe aavu vo samjme nahi aa raha he mera shath bhi koi nahi deta mere hsband ek bhi bat nahi mante vo mane yesha kya karu plz help me vo mere sashu maa or sashur ji ko hi dekhte he vo jo kahe sab mante he plz help me mere mail id pe reply dijiyega

  15. Rachit says:

    lalbaba1111. babaji aap logo se pasie kyu charge karte ho .. jab aap ko ye vidya guru shishya parampara se mili hai tab iske liye paise lene ka kya matlab , jo koi apni marzi se de de vo hi sahi .. beacuse of all this people have a chance to mock at us sanatan dharm par …

  16. my.famaly.problam.request.you.to.kindly.my.solve.the.problam. jay.matadi

  17. Mukesh Agarwal says:

    I want my love come back, I tried all the puja by the help of Divya Jyotish but problem not resolved also my 80% puja has completed in Khamakhya temple only with pujari puskar and I think he is still in temple there. Please help me I gave so much of money for puja but my love still not with me please solve my problem.

  18. nipunjoshi10 says:

    Jai Mata Ki Babaji !! Could you advise me the best suited time to visit Maa Kamakhya temple, i have already missed the Ambubasi Mela dates this year. And most probably i will relocate outside country before the arrival of next years Ambubasi mela schedule… Please advise me the best time (tithis) or month starting from today (within next 4-5 months window), when a sadhak or visitor can derive maximum benefit of the darshan….. In terms of spiritual elevation…. I will be in heavy debt to your reply !!! Thanks

  19. kala says:

    Guru ji namste.
    Muje janana hai ki kya husband divorce case
    File kiya ho aur muje nahi dena ho kya ye problem katam ho sakthe hai husband muje wapas le jayenghe ky pooja karke agar aisha possible hai tho please bataye muje kab apke pass aane ke liye uchit samay samay hai fees
    Aapki ky raheghi please muje rastha batayeye
    Ky bhagawan ke alwa ish duniya mai aishe sakthi hai ye problem solve ho sakthi hai.
    Muje apna no bhi share kar dijiye.

  20. Mukesh Agarwal says:

    Baba i want my love to come back, i did all the puja my the help of jyotish in khamkhaya temple but i never visited there only jyotish did all but my love still not with me. may i know the solution.

    • shanti says:

      Hi my friend, Out of my own experience, I would like to tell you one thing, your destiny is in your hand, trust yourself first and believe on the supreme power, never pray god out of any expectation, pray and love selflessly without any conditions. It all depends on your karma, so think positive and do positive. Your thoughts and actions should sync with each other positively. Relax yourself and love yourself first, sit silently before the supreme soul , connect with him and give all your problems to him without any expectation, you will definitely get the positive result. When the power lies within you then it is not required to approach anyone for help except the god himself. I pray that you get your desired love back and the rest is up to you. Love should be unconditional and selfless be it god or a human being.

  21. chanda says:

    Mera nam chanda hai main bahut paresan hu.

  22. Raxit says:

    Hello i am new here mujhe bohat problem me hu can any one help me


    Baba Ji….#Lalbaba111… Am an Engineering Professional, doing contractual business in Civil Engg industry. I have no work since a year. I have also to get a huge payments, which are held up with some of my clients, since more than a year. Now I am even not in a position to maintain my family. And also just over-burden with major loans. My wife and family friend says, some totka is done on me, which is far from my belief. So, would you please show me the proper way, so that, I could get a smooth going business of mine.

  24. R v g says:

    Gd morn . What time is the best time to visit this temple and perform a good puja which satisfies the mind

  25. jagannath saha says:

    the article is very very good,wise, attractive and important.

  26. james kappo says:

    dear sir,
    l have four plots of land I want to sell for the past one year up till now, I have not seen any buyer. I need your help please. is there something you can do for me so that I can get a buyer?
    thank you very much for your reply.

  27. vaishu says:

    sir since 1 yr im suffering with deppression and mental torture
    i love a boy even he loved me too but suddenly he left me without any reason i donno what happened he is not a boy who ditches. I really want him back and our families to be happy with us please help me and guide me what to do sir
    please help me sir im begging u i cant imgine any other in his place thank you and please reply sir please

  28. bhushan Waghmare says:

    How can I use the wastra

  29. subhash choudhary says:

    I want ur help baba

  30. Uday Shankar Choudhary says:

    लाल बाबा क्या रजस्वला स्तोत्र आप उपलब्ध करवा सकते हैं ? सिर्फ स्तोत्र चाहिए फलस्त्रुति नहीं |

  31. Shaheen says:

    Hi..! I am a Muslim girl married to a Hindu Kutchi boy.. I have been married since 5 years now and going thru a very bad time as my in-laws refuse to except me and have done a very vigorous black magic on my husband due to which he is not keeping me with him..my in-laws have also put me through court issues for divorce which I’m dealing with since 4 years now… i’m unable to get a job not have a child…I am absolutely helpless since i’m unaware of any right people who can help me with this… if u could help or even guide me with genuine and right people pls..
    Thank u

  32. anu singh says:

    hlw..i am anu…muje n study krne m bhut problm hoti h ..plz muje btaye ki m kaise yaad kru .muje kuch yaad he nhi hota h or ab 2month h sirf plz btaye kya kru

  33. Raj says:

    Hi babaji, I have taken some water home from inside maa kamakhya temple 6 months back now some water is left in the bottle what should I do that water pls advise me babaji. Thanks in advance

  34. Subbu says:

    Esteemed Sri. Lal Babaji,
    Thank you for the wonderful information. You are doing great service by spreading important information on Shakthi worship. Can you please let me know about the favourite offerings to Kamakhya Ma (prasad, archana offering etc.)? Thanks a lot.
    Om Sri Matre Namah ||

  35. Abhishek says:

    Babaji i want to visit kamkhya to get bless of mata sati. plese suggest suitable time for me.

  36. Zubair Anwar says:

    Baba jee when I returned from VIDESH I was happy. Soon after I started ENTT Bhatta business and I lost everything now I become poor.there is no hope what ever I do it goes to unfavarable to me and exist loss.
    Baba jee I m Muslim but I know you are close to God and I want to what happened to me and who did all these.

  37. Zubair Anwar says:

    Baba jee my name is Zubair Anwar (muslim) i was abroad since i came back india i am having heavy loss in my business almost i bacome bagger. Need to know why it is happened and when it will be over.Thanks

  38. Zubair Anwar says:

    How i can send you money baba jee .

  39. Naresh ghai says:

    If a person is unable to spend huge money on pooja and your fee 2100rs.than is there any way for a poor person to come out of mysterious problems. I am visiting temple on 22nd june 2017 to pay my homage to almighty goddess.

    • lalbaba111 says:

      yes you can come to kamakhya temple,have darshan & request the mother to help you to get rid of your problems but in that periodeyou won’t get accomodation to stay their due to AMBUVASI mela.

  40. Neha says:

    Baba, I am married for 4 years now and trying to get pregnant but no luck. Please advise me how should I pray or what puja should I do to get pregnant soon? I am coming to temple on June 16.

  41. lalbaba111 says:

    send your horoscope AS well as boys details along with the fees of 2100/ for studying& giving puja details.

  42. Rinky goswami says:

    Kamakya Devi red cloth

  43. Prasanjeet Das says:

    I married in the year 2013 but my wife staying with her parents…This was a love marriage n she told to convince her parents and then come.4 yrs gone we were doing everything like husband an wife…she was doing job in a local school.now after coming from her parents village she is refusing to come n stay with me and didnt talk to me even…i want her back.can this has a solution?

  44. Sahtaj says:

    Namaste baba.. I’ve got the red cloth from my jiju who’s a bhakt of Kamakhya devi to get me rid of black magic which was done on me and I wore it on Tuesday two weeks ago in a silver kabach with a small piece of iron on it.. I suffer from fever all the time, have serious issues at workplace and also my boyfriend cheated on me last week.. I’m wearing the kabach on my left arm baba what else should I do to get peace of mind n health and a peaceful ambience at work? Pls help.

    • lalbaba111 says:

      Taking the jal(water) of kamakhya Devi daily two times will help you.

      • Sahtaj says:

        Thanks baba a lot.. how long should I drink it and can my jiju get it from the temple.. also baba I couldn’t visit the temple due to my ill health.. is there anything I should chant or pray as the kabach is now on my arms and although I’m a Muslim by birth but I have great faith on maa kali and have wore it with a lot of respect and hope.. baba will I get cured and also will I get any hope in my office.. im ready to pay your consultation fee and also will you be able to send me the water? Let me know pls.

  45. lalbaba says:

    no i can not send water to you,somebody has go personely.i will ask someone in kamakhya to keep jal for you ,you have to send Dakshina of rs1500/-in advance.

    • Sahtaj says:

      Baba I’m ready to pay but can’t it be sent through courier in a heavily packed mode? Also after I have dharan the kabach do I need to follow any practice or do any form of prayers?

  46. Shakya says:

    M too worried about my future and career prospects as I want to be self dependent as soon as possible n want lots of money and comforts….I also have a boyfriend n I want him to marry..but my family is not at all supporting n I cannot leave himm…this is the thing which is eating me up as m helpless wat to do bcz I don’t want my parents to get hurt also n I want my love also so pls help me out??

  47. Ranjeet Kumar Das says:

    Guruji Pranam,
    I am from Orissa and my family will visit Kamakhya from 26.12.17 to 29.12.2017. They as well as I want to consult with you regarding sidhhi of Maa Kamakhya. Will you please guide us?

    • lalbaba111 says:


      • Ranjeet Kumar Das says:

        Pranam Babaji,
        I know it needs years of practice, dedication and incessant effort. I just requested you to guide them about Maa Kamakhya. How Sidhi is obtained and what sorts of thins are needed for her puja. Without knowing her, no one can succeed.

  48. lalbaba111 says:

    you have already talked to me & i have told you that you have to take Tantra Diksha from my Guru in kamakhya for which you have to spend Rs 30,000/- first.for further you can talk to me again.

  49. Sonu says:

    Dear Bro

    Read your blog and v helpful. I hav kwn sm blk magoc done to me usibg kamakhya sibdoor and its to seoarate me from my husband. Out of 14 yrs known and 8 yrs if love marriage he nvr loves me stayswith me
    All the time excuse stating he nvr had love married to return favor. I am unable to kw facts or reason on this behavior n unable to make any decision
    Is it possible that you share me your conract n suggest sm way out. My number is 9886y80226
    I lost my parents 20 yrs ago and in deep stress. I live alone n hav hardly ne frnds..but frnfs are not the family I blive. I donot have child too..tryin to fi d answets for these qn. I dont feel like doing ne think.i hardly eat once in 3 or 4 days to get sm energy. Life has become way off n do not see any hopes
    At times think why am I alive. I always helped ppl but why my life is ruined..searching answer to these qn
    Pl help

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