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Life is miraculous progressive journey where you need to learn, grow and shine personally, professionally as well as spiritually by rising above mistakes, criticisms and countless negative stormy times. Once you follow your inner guidance system then you can rise above any stormy adversities, negative people and unexpected knocks encountering in the highway of your life and success. Actually your inner guidance system has power to create miracles in your personal, professional and spiritual life. So always hear your inner strong calling and utilize your own intuitive intelligence to understand the right calling while manifesting your dream desires into physical reality.



new message of happiness in new year.

new message of happiness in new year.


All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.. We are always ready to live but never living. we all are life style focus. It has terrific control over all of us. Today, fashion, style and show- up way have taken control over all of us. Why we all are not able to live life, which is gifted to all of us for living. Success and failure is our research and search, God ( nature ) has nothing to do with it. Life has nothing to do with physical and monetary success , it is gifted to all of us for living. can we all live at fullest ? Can we all live today the way we all want to live.









  1. Every day is an opportunity to feel amazing, to push yourself, to live outside of your comfort zone, to do something you have never done before, to help someone unconditionally, to spread love not hate, to change yourself, to change others,… to create something that has never been created before, to learn something new, to prove to yourself just how great you are, to shine like a star in the darkest night, to be an inspiration to others, to inspire yourself, to be determined and achieve, to leave your mark on the world, to set yourself free from self-doubt, to experience every moment with joy, to look into the sky and dream, to be grateful for all that you have now and have had in the past, to laugh and cry, to connect to one another, to connect to yourself, to allow your soul to roam free, to live a life that is uniquely yours. Every day is a wonderful opportunity to experience so much, to be so much so let your life uplift you, let it set you free


new positivity in 2014

new positivity in 2014


What is Grace Light? Grace Light is the light of God. It is invisible to the human eyes but visible to sages, prophets, messiahs, angels and other high beings. Grace Light has incredible intelligence and energy to do anything and everything. It is the almighty and absolute power of God. Once it is transmitted into a person the Grace Light will do its work in a miraculous way. It will transform the body, mind and soul



When you are going through difficulty & wonder where GOD IS, remember the teacher is always quite during THE TEST.



Dissapointments are just God’s way of saying”,i have got something better”, so be patient,have faith and live your life freely



Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loose faith in God.

If your mind is constantly preoccupied by your money and possessions, you are in reality only preparing the ground for rebirth as a spirit tortured by hunger and thirst. If your thoughts are obsessed with your family and loved ones, you are only strengthening the pangs of separation you will suffer when you die. But to have devotion constantly in your mind will endow you with lasting serenity and satisfaction. Remembering even the name of your spiritual teacher is enough to completely transform your perceptions. Visualizing the guru above the crown of your head, even for an instant, can dissipate the veils of illusion. Devotion is the ring that allows the hook of the teacher’s compassion to pull you out of the mire of samsara.
Enlightenment, inherent though it is in the mind, seems so difficult to unveil. But if you develop fervent devotion and fuse the guru’s enlightened nature with your ordinary mind, enlightenment can be realized. Truly, to meditate on the benevolent teacher is a spiritual practice more profound than any other.

Chaitanya Shashvatam Shantam Vyomateetam Niranjanam Nadbindu Kalatitam Tasmai Shree Guruve Nama


Guru ko sat sat pranam hai,who is awareness,changeless,whois peace,pure, free from likes and dislikes,and who is beyond the manifest and the unmanifest


Lal Baba

Dhyan Moolam Gurur Murti Pooja Moolam Guroh Padam Mantra Moolam Gurur Vakyam Moksha Moolam Guroh Kripa. meditate guru face, worship the gurus feet, gurus words are mantras,Liberation can be attained by the blessing of Guru only
ASHOK KUMAR JHA purifying of mind is not only related with doing karma selflessly but your achran that is speaking truth as maximum as possible,removing artificial mask from your personality,no dual character,present your self as you are.

Lal Baba

AS we all are souls ,soul never die,we only change our formations. This life iam taking all kind of experiences as sthool sarir i.e. physical body,but we have four more body called PRANMYEE BODY, MANOMAYEE BODY, GYANMAYEE, ANANDMAYEE BODY so nexr life I want to share experiences of pranmayee body to anandmayee body which are not visible with naked eye




The conduct of a holy person is noble as the life of the cotton plant, whose fruit is tasteless, white and fibrous. Though this cotton suffers the process of ginning, spinning and weaving, it’s result covers others from all sufferings throughout its life. Saints are similar, who yield results which are free from attachment, stainless and full of goodness for others



ASHOK KUMAR JHA • if you are happy in every situation than this is the inner succes,but if you have every thing accept peace of mind than you have achived outer success only

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It is the Time, which keeps some men in one and the same state; again it throws others into troubles; Time it is that gives respect to one and again it is Time that gives disrespect to others. Time it is that makes one a donor and it is the same Time that makes another a beggar. It is the Time, which one spends and repents if it’s got wasted. It’s the time one refers when life goes through bad phase. It’s the time, which one refers when lies on the death bed. So Value the Time, make use of it. You don’t need to regret when it’s not left for you. Remember your lord all the time. Recite the name and praise all the time.


“Do you realize now the sacred significance and the supreme importance of the Guru’s role in the evolution of man? It was not without reason that the India of the past carefully tended and kept alive the lamp of Guru-Tattva. It is therefore not without reason that India, year after year, age after age, commemorates anew this ancient concept of the Guru, adores it and pays homage to it again and again, and thereby re-affirms its belief and allegiance to it. For, the true Indian knows that the Guru is the only guarantee for the individual to transcend the bondage of sorrow and death, and experience the Consciousness of the Reality.”


Some scriptures and gurus have warned against false teachers, and have recommended that the spiritual seeker test the guru before accepting him. Some have given criteria on how to distinguish false from genuine ones:


IGNORE Those people, who always talking behind your back.That is where they belong, just behind your back.

The only person who is truely holdingyour back is you. No more excuses,it is time to change .it is time to live life at a new level.

WORRY is a total waste of time. it does not change any thing.All it does is steal your joy &  keep you very busy doing nothing.


LOVE is a very subtle kind of food. And now psychologists have concluded that if a person gets everything necessary – all chemicals, all hormones, food, exercise, fresh air, rest, everything that is necessary for life – still he will sad unless there is someone to pour love. He will not feel that life is worth living without love; he will simply shrink and shrink….so love unconditionally…with GOD,family,birds,animals,children…….friends….may be known…may be unknown…and receive the same in abundance.



Bhagawan Nityananda

Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri

Chidakasha – The Heart space in the head. The Triadic Heart of Shiva. Introduction Origin and Foreword I began reading the Chidakasha Gita after Swami Muktananda took Mahasamadhi. During this period Bhagawan Nityananda appeared to me often in Meditation and while Chanting. My unfolding understanding of the verses has explained many of the experiences I have had in Meditation and over the long course of my Sadhana. These teachings ring true on every level. I have read the entire Chidakasha Gita 25 times through and I continue to read it, even now. Each time I read it I have a new realization and another breakthrough in the experience of the Heart. ALL of the teachings of Vedanta and ALL the teachings of Shaivism are contained in the Chidakasha Gita. It is the highest of realizations.
Although the Chidakasha Gita is ripe with many wonderful spiritual teachings, there are 12 main principles that, in my experience, Bhagawan Nityananda emphasizes over and over again. These 12 principles form the very essence of the work and the very foundation of His teachings.
1. Bhagawan Nityananda tells us that God is in humankind and humankind is in God. There is no difference between the two. Sentient and insentient are one in the same. All are reflected in the same “mirror” that is the Sky of Consciousness referred to as Chidakasha, the Heart space or Triadic Heart of Shiva. Bade Baba tells us that the Heart is not the physical Heart, nor the heart chakra located in the area of the physical heart. He tells us that the Heart is the one, indivisible Sky of Consciousness that is the Absolute. This Heart is beyond the body and the senses and can be accessed through the Crown Chakra in the head. This Chidakasha, He states, is triangular with three points (Shiva, Shakti, Nara) and becomes a constant experience upon the dawning of Mukti. Chidakasha is the seat of Lord Shiva and the abode of His Shakti. It is comprised of Light, Vibration and Sound and from that sound manifests Omkar.
2. Bhagawan Nityananda wants us to know and realize where God is. He tells us that God is not in the Murti or statue or idol in the temple, but that God exists inside each of us and that each of us is the temple wherein God resides.
3. Sri Bade Baba tells us that Omkar, and the mantra Aum that it produces, is what gives power and form to the Universe of all sentient and insentient beings. It is also the very vibration of Chidakasha that is known in Shaivism as Spanda or Visarga.
4. Bhagawan Nityananda is not big on philosophy. He is very practical. In the Chidakasha Gita, He uses simple experiences from the interaction with objects of everyday life to help us understand the deepest most profound connection between God and humankind. He emphasizes a very practical means of attaining Mukti or Moksha by means of the Sushumna Nadi. He declares over and over again that this central channel or central nerve (subtle body) that is contained in every living creature, is the only true spiritual path. He emphasizes that Moksha (deliverance or liberation) cannot be attained until Kundalini Shakti is fully awakened by a Siddha Guru. Once this Kundalini is awakened, He states, Prana Shakti must be directed into the Sushumna Nadi and then constantly made to rise upward into the Crown Chakra in the head. Bhagawan instructs that the breath must be directed in this way without taking any air in from the outside (this correlates to the Shaivite practice of “Sushumna breathing”). He refers to this as Prana Vayu and emphatically states that this is the only means to directing your awareness to become absorbed in Bindu Nada (point of sound experienced in the Heart space in the head). Once your mind dissolves in this Bindu Nada, Mukti is attained. The goal of meditation, he tells us, is to keep our awareness in this Bindu Nada, even while going about our daily, mundane activities. This, he states is true Dhyan and Dharana. This alone is Samadhi. It is the means to live in the world without being of the world and it can only be taught by a Siddha Guru.
5. Bade Baba describes this Bindu Nada in two ways; first as the sound similar to the dull roar of the ocean or the vibration of a large bell just after having been struck; and second as ajapa-japa, the sound made of the two syllables So’ and Ham (the two feet of Lord Shiva) as one breathes in and out. Of these two, he emphasizes the first, telling us that even the mantra So’ Ham (Hamsa) that sounds on its own (Anahata, the unstruck sound) dissolves in the vibration of Bindu Nada. How will we know when we have attained Liberation? Bhagawan Nityananda tells us we will know when our entire conscious awareness is absorbed in this Bindu Nada constantly. He tells us that this Bindu Nada is the primary quality and experience of Chidakasha. It is the very Vibration of Ananda (Bliss) that is attained when Sat (being) and Chit (pure perceiving awareness) unite. This unification, He states, is brought about by causing Prana (breath) to rise inside the Sushumna Nadi without taking any air in from the outside. (Warning: Do not attempt this practice without the direct guidance of one who has mastered it.) In this state, one experiences the Sky of Consciousness or Chidakasha for one’s self. This, He tells us, is the seat of all Yoga. This is the true place of pilgrimage and, once you have arrived here, no other pilgrimage to any other place is necessary and no ritual is necessary either. In fact, Bade Baba tells us to make this form of Pranayam our only ritual; that, while in this state, the awareness of the Mantras Om and Hamsa, is the ritual bath.
6. Bhagawan Nityananda declares over and over again that the goal of a human birth, the goal of all life is to merge in the Absolute, to attain Mukti while still in the body. He tells us don’t wait, do it now. And then he emphasizes, throughout the Chidakasha Gita, that the Guru is the means. He is very clear about this. One must receive Kundalini awakening and the guidance for Sadhana from a “Siddha,” “Guru” or “Acharya” as he puts it, who has become a Jnani. At several points in the work, Bade Baba reiterates that “There is no place in the world for one who does not have a Guru. Such a person is lost….You cannot realize the Truth without a Guru.” And he emphasizes that one needs to follow the instruction of the Master, until one is set on his/her own path, at which time Lord Shiva himself takes the yogi the rest of the way across.
7. Bade Baba does not leave us in the dark about who can be a Guru or Preceptor. In this regard he is very specific. He tells us that a Swami, Sanyasin, Brahmin, Jnani, Brahmachari is not simply one who holds such a title and wears ochre robes carrying a copy of the Bhagavad Gita in his hands. Likewise, one who is well-versed in the Vedas, Puranas and other sacred texts is not such a person either. Bhagawan Nityananda emphasizes that a Siddha, a Guru, who may also be referred to as a Swami, Sanyasin, Jnani and so on, is only a person who is desireless and whose mind has merged with the Absolute One Paramatma or Paramshiva. He goes on to describe the qualities of such a Guru by stating that such a being sees all as the same one God and behaves in alignment with this state. A Jnani, Sanyasin, Swami or Guru is one whose mind constantly rests in Buddhi, the Divine Will and Intelligence of the Atman. Such a being is one who sees only God in everything and everyone, everywhere and such a being does not distinguish between “mine” and “thine”, “good” and “bad,” “honor” and “dishonor,” nor classes of people and races. Such a being has a constant, uninterrupted experience of Bindu Nada and knows that there is no such thing as duality or diversity. Such a being experiences that the entire Universe is contained inside himself and that he himself pervades all objects (people, places and things). Bhagawan Nityananda tells us that only such a being can be known as a Siddha, Jnani, Swami or Sanyasin and that one should only take such a being as one’s Guru.
8. Bhagawan Nityananda tells us that, for the relationship between Guru and Disciple to work, the seeker must have and continue to cultivate Faith in God and the Guru. This Faith is expressed by way of vigilance in daily spiritual practice as instructed by the Master.
9. Sri Bade Baba tells us, over and over again, that the basis for Sadhana is the willingness to turn away from worldliness and the willingness to destroy our attachment to sense pleasures and worldly pleasures. He tells us that this happens through the destruction of the body-idea, also known as the ego (along with the senses). “Atma is not perceptible to the senses,” He tells us. By this statement we understand that God can only be realized by going beyond the senses. If our attachment to worldliness is not destroyed in this way, he tells us we will fail in the end.
10. Bhagawan Nityananda emphasizes the importance of Equality Consciousness and He explains what that is. Equality Consciousness is the experience of “sameness,” the direct experience that there are not many individual experients (souls), but that there is only one Universal Experient, only one being who experiences through all of the forms. This one being comes and goes on the breath. Because all are this One God, all are equal. This, He tells us, is the real Equality Consciousness. Without it, we cannot know God.
11. He tells us that “Without Bhakti there can be no Mukti.” Here he emphasizes the absolute necessity for Devotion and Surrender to the Master and the path. It is the intensity of your feeling for God and the Guru that causes Jnana (wisdom) to rise within you. Once your have Jnana, your Bhakti increases automatically. And with intense Bhakti, Jnana manifests of its own accord. The two work hand in hand. Through the cultivation of Bhakti and Jnana, desire for objects (people, places and things) is destroyed and perfect Peace is attained.
12. Bhagawan Nityananda tells us that Viveka (the ability to perceive the subtle in the gross) and Vairagya (dispassion or detachment) are vital to realizing the Truth. Without Viveka, he tells us, you cannot learn to choose God over desire because you are not able to discriminate between what takes you towards God and what takes you away from God. And you cannot remain absorbed in your Natural, Free state of being without Vairagya. This dispassion is what allows you to keep your mind focused on Buddhi long enough for you to realize that there is no outer world. All takes place inside the body of Supreme Consciousness of Shiva that is also contained inside you, inside your mind, within your imagination.
These twelve paragraphs summarize my experience of the teachings and principles Bhagawan Nityananda offers us in His Chidakasha Gita. For these reasons, it is worth reading and contemplating over and over again.
With Supreme Love and Devotion, I offer this at the Lotus Feet of that Supreme Being, Sri Bhagawan Nityananda.

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